The evergreen film Teen Deviyaan

Film1If you haven’t seen ‘Teen Deviyan’ a 1965 movie starring Dev Anand, Nanda, Kalpana and Simi Grewal, you have missed one of the most entertaining and breezy movies of Bollywood.

In 2012, I decided to give my colleagues a luncheon party while watching an old movie, one of them brought the CD of this movie; we decided to watch it for its ample yet toe tapping songs by fast forwarding the story-line without hoping anything great. But let me tell you, we were in for a pleasant surprise. The 1965 movie is very rhythmic and spellbinding.

Devdutt Anand works in a musical instrument shop as a salesman, and is always late for work. This irritates his boss I.S.Johar to no end. The equation between Dev and Johar changes when Johar finds out that Dev is a talented poet. Johar tells him to write as much poetry he can and that he would get them published. Its simple business for Johar, as Dev becomes famous; Johar’s business will also grow.

While traveling to work in the state transport bus, Dev meets Nanda, who coincidentally lives in his neighborhood. Both are attracted to each other. Once while walking on the road, he assists Kalpana, the actress when her car breaks down. When she realizes that he’s a poet, she arranges a meeting with him. She becomes the second flame in Dev’s life.

Dev is instructed to deliver a piano in a palatial house of a socialite – Radharani (Simi Garewal), she too is attracted to the charm and poeticFilm2 talent of Devdutt. She invites him for one of her socialite parties, both Dev and Simi get attracted to each other. Simi is the third flame in Dev’s life.  Devdutt cannot make up his mind, whom to marry. He explains each woman that he needs time to make up his mind while all three are more than eager to marry him.

The plot of the movie is absolutely modern and was much ahead of its times when it was made in 1965. All characters in the movie are contemporary and fresh. The movie is clean and engaging.  Dev Anand is not three timing or fooling his heroines. One is homely, one is an actress and one is a high society woman. The high society woman also promises Devdutt a brilliant career, yet, Dev does not go astray.

The final hypnotism scene is shot in colour, rest of the movie is black and white.  And that is the crux of the movie. You have to watch the movie till last to understand how Devdutt makes up his mind – whom to marry.

The movie was directed by Amarjeet, the story idea was of Sadhashiv Brahmam and dialogues were by Vrajendra Gaur; film’s music was given by S.D.Burman and its immortal songs were written by Majrooh Sultanpuri. Each song is superior piece. Starting from Aise to na dekho to Uff  kitani thandi hai ye rut. I mean it friends; each song of this movie is a master piece.

Cuddle up in your sofa, sit with some wafers or popcorns, and watch this movie with your cheerful friends and family. You will thoroughly enjoy three hours. It is a must see for any Hindi film buff, I will rate the movie 9.5 out of 10. There are hardly any dull moments in it.

Film3Those days, in late 60s, Amin SayFilm4ani (the legendry Radio Jockey) used to tell the listeners to see the “tuduk” effect. It’s about a boy meetin g a girl but three times (each time a different girl) and giving his heart to the girl. The crisply made love story enlightens viewers with Dev Anand’s lover boy charm, for continuing the flicker with each lady that he meets. His ‘Bhutta’ date with Nanda or his simple car drive date with Kalpana in which she says “tum aam ho kar bhi khaas ho” or his flirty date with Simi in a sexily set sequence, she initiates him into drinking by taking a sip from his glass and declaring, “maine glass ko hoth lagaya hai, ab aapko aur bhi zyaada maza aayega.”

It’s sad that the movie was not received well in 1965. For freaky reasons or may be the audience was not matured enough then. But it’s a treat to all Dev Anand fans even today to watch it after fifty years. Watch it to enjoy it.



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