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Monday, June 25, 2018


Loneliness has plagued the modern world

The world is experiencing a grim loneliness epidemic, and it is frightening because it is not restricted to only the elderly, but the younger...

Why eating on banana leaf is advisable?

A banana leaf is filled with antioxidants named polyphenol which can fight serious illnesses, mainly cancer. When hot food is served on the banana...


Fiascos of Unparlimentary Language

Fiascos of Unparlimentary Language Parliaments and legislative bodies in various countries in the world impose certain rules and principles during debates. Conventionally, there are...

Make your supply chain your competitive advantage

Make your supply chain your competitive advantage The article discusses about how supply chain manager’s role is often not understood well by the youngsters....


What is the difference between CV & Resume?

Most of people get confused between resume and curriculum vitae (CV); we also hear words such as portfolio and bio-data. All four terms describe...

Making an effective syllabus

Making an effective syllabus   Writing or scripting a syllabus presents some challenges.  On the one hand, as the first communication with the students, the syllabus...