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Sunday, April 22, 2018


Unforgettable cabaret songs…. Part 2

The ’60s was an era when cabaret songs were the life of the movies. In fact these songs pulled crowds to the theatres. They are...

Let’s not allow media to influence our thinking

Media is playing an outstanding role in today’s world. We are made to believe things which are often grossly twisted.  We are affected by uncanny...


India is the most preferred clinical research hub

 India is the most preferred clinical research hub The US$ 64 billion global clinical research industry is observing a transition since life science companies are...

Kanpur leather cluster

Kanpur leather cluster The idea of an industrial cluster is that a large number of small manufacturing units located at one place and are together...


Choose the right MBA Program

If you are thinking of taking a degree in MBA, but are confused and are being told by many that the curse is not...

Making an effective syllabus

Making an effective syllabus   Writing or scripting a syllabus presents some challenges.  On the one hand, as the first communication with the students, the syllabus...

Pure Science needs a boost

Resume writing is an art