Club activities improve educational accomplishments


Networking is so important in today’s life – both in personal and professional activities. All top ranking, good educational institutions recognize this point and thus they support their students with club activities. Students-run Clubs are a vital part of the campus life. Networking gives the students access to the hidden or informal job market, which is supportive to their careers. They also get exposure to the current trends in the industry. The job market always exists in a much hidden fashion, the information about job openings and job profile is hardly ever shared publicly, therefore networking gives informal opportunities to students with their seniors and alumni of the institutions. Through networking, one gets access to these positions that other people never even know about.

Networking also gives access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. Members in students club come from a wide variety of backgrounds; meaning they offer a broad range of perspectives and possess wisdom, from which students can draw lot of newer insights. A strong professional network can introduce to potential future employers, potential clients, trusted service providers logistics, references and much more. Business and success is undeniably about acquaintances, references and connectivity. The clubs range from outdoor activities such as mountaineering, treks, and hobbies to professional subjects such as consulting, entrepreneurship, sports, foreign languages and CSR. These days photography, music, acting and soft skills are catching up. In long run, the clubs helps institutions in achieving their mission, vision and objectives.

Networking is also about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships.  In professional programs such as MBA and engineering, clubs form an integral part of the campus life. The clubs support a vibrant array of activities on campus. Lot of parameters in educational programs are tailored by each batch of students. Another fact about clubs is that a club experiences newness and freshness with each incoming batch. Students enjoy when they are offered a broad selection of clubs to join which allow them in mapping their interests and needs. Its better when the clubs are allowed to be run by students because it offers them an excellent opportunity to explore interests and fix lasting friendships.


I believe that clubs offer students an experience in demonstrated involvement in various extra-curricular activities. Besides stimulating learning opportunities in the classroom, club activities compliment and heighten the conceptual learning. Extra-Curricular activities and clubs not only provide important social opportunities, but they are an ideal way for students to hone their skills and develop self-confidence and exploring new interests. Club participation also encourages cross-cultural and cross-racial interactions between members. This improves members’ knowledge and awareness of diversity and social justice issues.

All institutes which respect academics and are focused on interests of students, whether they are big or small, urban or rural, offer their students some opportunities to participate in club activities. Campus clubs are largely overseen by student unions, they shape them through their oversight, administrative support, funding, and networking with external agencies. Training and funding differs tremendously from campus to campus. So friends, club activities are an integral part of campus life for students to get more involved in leadership, social responsibility, citizenship, volunteerism, and student employment.



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