Blogging is in fact catching up

bloggingA good blog attracts attention of readers. The blogger therefore should create useful content and must be planned well in terms of its design, structure and the content must be well written. The world is connected with social media and I strongly feel therefore, a blog can draw attention to something which needs promotion. It has more significance in terms of attention it draws than a press release. A blog can be very effectual in bridging the gap between a product and the consumers. It all depends the way a blog is handled.

First and foremost, the blog needs a good name. The name must be catchy to attract the viewers. A well-written and illustrated blog can add to a reader’s understanding of a staid topic and, at the same time, it can promote a firm’s marketing messages related to related area. A blog is a reflexive marketing tool; it is accessible to anyone visiting a company’s Web site. The firm must use the e-mail, Face book and Twitter to promote the blog to prospective segment for dispersing the message.  The best blogs in the world are dominated by the technology sector. IBM, Oracle and SAP are superbly made blogs and in India, Infosys, TCS and HCL are the top blogs. The information technology companies have a better and wider scope to gain the best out of the blogs as it’s closely related to their work.

There is a gap between adoption of blogs amid the big companies compared to smaller companies and rest of the world.  It’s certainly not so easy to maintain a blog with timely posts and making them interesting and it is very different than any other corporate communication tool; it’s very different than a press release, a write up in business magazine, advertisements, outdoor publicity etc. Another hindrance is that not all people are internet savvy. But, sooner or later blogging will be the most admired marketing tool because it is very spontaneous. The transition is taking place, though it is slow. Every corporate marketing message is aimed at creating more and more value. I think nothing else can really help in adding more value which blogging offers easily as it derives the search engine benefit. The search engines give priority to websites that have fresh and applicable content. It’s been evident in business world that websites with supporting blogs get more traffic than sites without supporting blogs.

A blog has the magic of standing out in crowd. A firm needs to conquer the style of updating its blog regularly. The content needs to have relevance and it works! May be not immediately, but somewhere in the world somebody is watching, reading your blog. It can reach out to thousands of new customers in nooks and corners of the world giving steady and constant flow of information.

In India ’The Indian Bloggers Directory’ gives the world a gist of blogs maintained by Indian bloggers. It’s an initiative taken by Mr. Amit Agarwal to showcase the best Indian blogs and bloggers from India. India is home to more than a million blogs; hence the initiative of is really appreciable. The directory is meticulously designed based on topics and authors.

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  1. Truly blogging if in fact catching up, Nowadays getting information has become very easy thanks to internet …but getting precise information with relevant examples is only through blog. A blog is really really very useful as we get systematic , concise information on a topic with relevant examples . I am happy to know that Mr. Amit agarwal has compiled the data of Indian bloggers and prepared a list of the various bloggers. Thank you Madam

  2. Blogs are essential requirement of every business entity they provide basic information about the nature of business its resources wherewithall and available product and are very useful even to researchers and students .They are fast catcging in india thanks madam for the article on blog

  3. Nice article madam ” Blogging is in fact catching up” good blogs are the need of the hour , for all the age group and each and every person whether it is a business man , students , etc, it update with the upgrade the knowledge of a person , Madam i thank you for doing a wonderful job for the welfare of society by creating such a knowledgable blog from management point of view, educational and heallth and general awarness, etc. Really we all are benefited and update ourself with the latest knowledge posted in your blog. I liked it