There are many people who only thrive on attention, everyone needs attention, and it’s nice to get it now and then. It depends largely for you get attention; whether it’s for your looks, the way you have dressed up, for a fabulous job, for something new you bought or is it for being pulled up by boss, for some accusation, for some wrong publicity against you. Attention is slippery, it doesn’t say for long if it’s for a good reason, but if it is for a wrong reason, it will stay for longer time. How often do we mull over the concept of getting noticed by others, and for what? It is imperative to choose for what are you seeking somebody’s attention. Remember this, attention comes at some cost; in fact it is quite expensive commodity. I heard RJ Malishka of 93.5 Red FM on Ted Talks on the same topic; she drove the point so well.

The film stars get large fan following; fans always surround their favourite stars wherever they see them. The fans feel like touching the stars, take selfies with them, take their autograph etc. Now there is no logic in this why should people follow the film starts, singers and models but the obsession sometimes crosses the boundaries. Some fans become too excited and they go to any extent and end up injuring the celebs they claim to love.

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif was attacked by a mob of fans on her way back from promoting her movie Tees Maar Khan.The crazy fans trying to touch her and number increased to an extent when there was no control of the security personnel. But her co-star macho man Akshay Kumar came to damsel’s rescue and made a shield around Katrina with his arms, and saved her from further harassment. In another incident On her way back from the unveiling of the Diwali special edition of a magazine, Deepika was mobbed by fans who tried to touch her inappropriately and refused to let her go. Thankfully, with the help of her security, Deepika fled the scene.

While good looks can give some advantages in some walks of life, they also come with drawbacks. While there are of course some definite perks, it turns out that the bubble of beauty can make certain aspects of life much more difficult. Beautiful girls and also boys get chased by the wrong people. Some men, who fall for a beautiful woman and get dejected by her go to extent of murdering her, rape her or even attack her with acid and what not. Young school going teenage girls get chased by elderly men.


Seeking attention habitually, to be desperate to gain notice is an obsessive behaviour. It is a psychological disorder. Most affluent people have similar traits of behaviour such as buying styles or life style choices. They spend tons of money on buying luxury cars, sports cars, private planes and golf resorts. They would also be keen on spending tons of money on engagements wedding, partying, exotic travels etc. They simply like to show off. Wealthy people like to indulge in some conspicuous behavior to seek attention from others. If you show off, it may make you famous or infamous, depending upon your intention, situation, circumstances and background.

Rich people face threats and worst consequence; their children become lazy, incompetent, non-self-reliant adults, they are worried about kids getting kidnapped, we see many high profile kidnapping cases. They are susceptible to lawsuits; where there is money, there are lawsuits. Strangers, family members and friends ask for money.   Slowly, they don’t trust people around them.

So if you are successful, you will find many enemies. You will find envious, bitter, jealous, suspicious, distrustful people around you.  Unwanted attention costs peace of mind.

At times when we need genuine attention, we don’t get it. Therefore it is called slippery. A crisis is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, environment, property, career, bank balance, an important relation etc. Most emergencies require urgent intervention to prevent a worsening of the situation, although in some situations, mitigation may not be possible. Situations like these – when you rush your near and dear one to hospital, and you need attention from the hospitals staff and doctor; when you need to catch a flight, you are late, the staff at the airport does not pay attention to you; when you need to go to reach your destination at the earliest and the roads are crowded; when you try to tell your teacher/professor that you have not committed a mistake he/she does not pay attention to you; when you need to urgently withdraw cash from bank and the queue is big nobody is ready to pay attention; you are giving a presentation and people are not giving enough attention, these and in many other crisis situations  when you need attention most, you don’t get it.

The fact is we are living in a world where human attention as a scarce commodity. The phrase ‘to pay attention’ has a connotation of giving something of yourself to another. Typically, paying is normally associated with money, so we don’t need to specify anything when money is paid. But to pay attention is still giving your time, your concentration, your mind to another person.  And ultimately attention is the key to everything related to our lives.



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