I often think about this point. Seasonal changes due to atmospheric change in temperature and light has got to do a lot with our moods and energy levels. A research even says that the month in which a person is born might be connected with his/her personality. It says that those born in the spring and summer months, for example, are more likely to have a positive temperament and are more likely to experience rapid changes in mood. Those born during the winter months, on the other hand, are seen lesser irritated. Psychologists have found that shorter months of winter sometimes cause people to experience gloominess which is also called as the “winter blues.” Research has also shown that the beginning of spring can actually lead to a temporary boost up in positivity depending on how much time an individual spends outdoors.

There’s a scientific reason: Any sort of scientific explanation for our personal love of any particular season also has relevance to geographic differences in time zones of different countries. Some Western states tend to have cold fall months that quickly turn to snow. Many Eastern states, on the other hand, experience milder autumn weather that showcases the glorious and colorful transition from summer to fall. Where we live and the distinctive weather of that region can play a significant role in our season preference. A recent study says that people living near sea or river or water body are found calmer.

The change in seasons can influence our body’s melatonin and serotonin; these are natural substances that play a role in our sleep timing and mood. When combined, these factors can lead to feeling Sad or Happy. It is a type of depression that primarily affects people during the fall and winter months but also can occur in the spring and summer, although it is less common. Specific symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder include – depression, guilt, loss of self esteem, feeling of hopelessness, loneliness, lethargy, indifference, anxiety. Some people feel like over sleeping in particular seasons, also you will see particular seasons make us over eat or under eat. A diagnosis of seasonal depression may be made after two or more consecutive occurrences of depression that occur and end at the same time every year, with the symptoms subsiding the rest of the year.

Good amount of sleep is important: If you find yourself feeling a little less cheerful than you were during spring’s transformation into summer, be rest assured that it is not your imagination. “It’s real,” says Kathryn A. Roecklein, an associate professor in the department of psychology at University of Pittsburgh. The changes do not affect everyone in the same fashion. Seasonal mood shifts often include less energy, feeling less social, losing interest in favorite activities, having cravings for carbs and changes in sleep it could be either having trouble sleeping or wanting to sleep more than usual.

One more change the seasons bring in our body is the changing dim or bright light cycles affect our body temperature, how long it takes us to fall asleep, and how much our body produces of melatonin, the hormone that triggers sleep matter a lot. Some seasons wake you up early and some make you sleep longer.

How to cope with seasonal changes? It is nice to let the sunshine in your house/office. Get moving, do some light exercise because they enhance your mood. Eat right – It’s raining, and it’s cold. And if you haven’t eater right amount of food, it might cause further damage. Instead, it better focusing on fruits, vegetables, omega-3-rich foods, proteins and complex carbohydrates, and drinking plenty of water all of this keeps your energy and mood consistently up.

Make time for friends: friends play a major role in life. Make time for your friends. Have a good char with your friends, go for long drives, watch a nice movie, and go to a restaurant just to have a steaming nice coffee or tea, listen to some good songs and cheer up! Most of the researches have shown that spending time with friends helps relieve stress and increases the sense of belong and improve well-being.



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