Phir Chhidi Raat, Baat Phulonki 

Have you heard this delicate yet gratifying gazal (duet) from an offbeat film “Bazaar” (1982)? If not please hear it now.

In my opinion this song belongs to an entirely different genre. It’s quite a popular gazal (nazm). It’s written by Makhdoom Mohiuddin. The fact is Makhdoom was recognized as a serious revolutionary poet. But, while listening to this nazm, if you are an avid listener of poetries, you will realize he has penned a light, gentle and romantic poetry. Please note how many times the poet has used the word ‘phool’ and ‘phoolon ki’ in this poetry.

A386The on-screen singers were Farooq Shaikh and Supriya Phatak. Both look innocent, in love, yet naïve on screen. Their on screen chemistry elevates the spirit of the song.  I have watched this song many times; by avoiding watching the serious movie.  The late Farooq Shaikh had an offbeat charm about him; his screen presence was alluring. He could mesmerize the audience with his innocent looks and brilliant acting power. Supriya Pathak looks sweet and demure in the song. This song touches you – it’s a soul stirring composition.

The music was given by the great Khayyam. The ghazal is sung by Talat Aziz and Lata Mangeshkar. The film was produced under the banner of New Wave Producers and directed by Sagar Sarhadi. The tune of this song is based on one of my favorite ragas – raag Baageshri. It is a popular raga of the late night. This raga depicts the emotion of a woman waiting to meet her lover. It seems Tansen, the celebrated court singer of the Emperor Akbar in the sixteenth century first sang it in Akbar’s court and everybody who was present at that moment was moved by Tansen’s rendition.

A387I am sure you will hear Phir Chhidi Raat again and again and love it. Please listen to the wordings carefully to absorb the mysticism of this song. I salute Makhdoomji, Khayyamji, Talatji and Lataji for such a brilliant composition.

This is what Talat Aziz has to say about the song. “Phir chhidi raat baat: A song typical of Khaiyyam Sahab. Even today it is a ‘must sing’ in my live concerts and I love singing it again and again.



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  1. this song is very beautiful n the music adds a mystical charm to the marvellous contribution rite from the words to the actors emoting