Have a positive self talk

positive1 A positive person foresees joy, health and accomplishments, and believes he or she can conquer any impediment and difficulty easily. Positive people are optimists. They see hope and opportunities in their lives. It’s always nice to surround yourself with positive people. They are full of life.

A lot of research is being conducted even today in the world on positivity. Researchers continue to explore the effects of positive thinking and its optimistic effect on health and other facets of life. Positive thinking often starts with self-talk. Self-talk is the endless stream of unspoken thoughts that run through our head. These habitual thoughts can be positive or pessimistic. Some of our self-talk comes from logic and reason. Other self-talk may arise from false impressions and wrong information which we hear from here and there, and that   we create because of lack of information. We talk to ourselves all day long and, unfortunately, this self talk is often negative. Often it is filled with guilt about our past or anxiety about our future. This negativity can destroy any seed of hope that we may otherwise have in striving for our dreams.

Our actions are inspired by our thoughts. If we can change the way we think, we can begin to change the actions we take. It is human nature to seek personal growth; whether financially, emotionally, physically or spiritually. Practicing positive self talk can help us set in motion actions that will bring us greater rewards.

positive2Self talk is our internal conversations with our own self through which we form our opinion about others, about situations and facts of life. Self talk is our monologue with our own self. If this self talk is positive, it creates great wonders.   A positive self talk lowers depression of any kind. You don’t feel the anguish; it creates better resistance to fight diseases of body. It keeps a strong heart and cardiovascular system.  Most important, it gives you great coping skills during any hardships in life.

If the thoughts that run through our head are mostly negative, our outlook on life is more likely pessimistic. If our thoughts are mostly positive, we are likely to be optimistic. And we can start practicing to be optimistic.

Prayers help in creating positivity in our life. It takes just a matter of seconds to utter, but they have the power to influence our life, our behaviour, our confidence. Prayers create positive influence on our hearts, on our perceptions; they have immense strength on us. A moment on our lips is a lifetime on our souls. A simple prayer can change us; can lead us on the path to healing ourselves and our world. So pray. Pray for peace, pray for healing, pray for advances in science, pray for the strength to eradicate poverty and disease, pray for the courage to overcome injustice, pray for resolve, pray for others, pray for yourself. Pray to God with all your heart and soul, and then gather up your might to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Prayer is not a passive activity. Prayer revises us. It awakens us. Our eyes begin to notice beauty where we never noticed it before. Our hearts begin to feel compassion we never knew we had. Our priorities shift. As we talk to God, we receive the encouragement to live up to the potential inside us. Soon we start to see beyond ourselves into the world that is waiting for our help.

positive3Researchers say that people who are pessimistic find that their self-talk tends toward frequently and unrelenting form of destructive self-talk.   Positive affirmations are statements you say to yourself to offset negative thoughts and beliefs. When we make a conscious effort to change our lives, positive affirmations feed us invigorating positive energy. They help us to let go of harmful and hurtful beliefs that feed our psyche.

These positive statements can be repeated several times throughout the day. By taking the time to vocalize the affirmations, the positive changes you wish to manifest, will shift the energy in and around you. It is the vibration of the tone of your own voice as you speak that creates this energy for change to occur. You can also take the time to write your affirmations in the morning and the evening. This is more promising activity. Just remember the more time you are willing to invest in yourself to create positive change the more you will gain from the work you have done. Start writing your affirmations – use an affirmation journal. There are many ways and means by which we can create positivity around us.

Stay happy with a positive self talk.



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  1. Sometimes having a positive self talk is very essential because of the harsh world trying their level best to bring us down .At such times having a positive self talk boosts our self confidence and helps us to prove this oh so harsh world that we are invincible and will not come into the wide spread clutches of this nasty world .Thank u for such a good article.

  2. Wow! Vidya you are awesome!! I do believe in positive self talk. It keeps you alert. Our soul guides us, but most of the time our pre conditioned mind interferes a lot!! Positive self talk is deliberate attempt to think positively. We all know what is good and bad. The more we think positively the more we are happy and create positively. Lovely reminder. Thanks!

  3. I agree with the author that one has to have a positive self talk but in reality it is difficult to be always having a positive self talk.One has to strike a right balance between the negative and positive thoughts, as at times even negative thoughts prepares you to handle certain unforeseen situations better which you would have missed if you would be basking in only positive self talk. At the same time positive self talk is absolutely essential for your internal growth as it helps in reaffirming confidence,trust in yourself. Its only if you believe in yourself will you trust and believe others.Positive self talk is an effective tool for interpersonal relationships for sharing makes you feel more happy and it also helps in reducing sorrow.Positive self talk forms the crux of having the right perspective to accept the life as it comes and be always happy irrespective of the difficulties one may have to go through.

  4. As you think so you become. या संदर्भात संत तुकाराम महाराजांनी मनाचे सामर्थ्य अचुक शब्दात वर्णन केले आहे. तसेच समर्थ रामदास स्वामीनीही केले आहे. आत्मलिंगावर सतत सुविचारांचा अभिषेक करणे हेच सकारात्मक विचारधारास सतत चालना देणारे कर्तव्य आहे, असे सदगुरु श्री वामनराव पै म्हणतात. डोंगर हलविण्याचे सामर्थ्यदेखील एका विचारात दडले आहे, म्हणून सतत चांगले विचार करणे आणि त्यानुसार आचरण करणे याला फार महत्त्व आहे. आपण लॉटरीचे तिकीट घेतो, पण माझे कुठले एवढे भाग्य हा नकारात्मक विचार मनातल्या कोपरात दडलेला असतोच. त्याची परिणिती आपल्या वाटयाला येते. पण एखादा सकारात्मक विचार मनात घट्ट रुजविला तर नकळत तो अंर्तमनात खोलवर रुजतो आणि त्याची चांगली फळे वाटयाला येतात असाही अनुभव आहे. डॉ. मर्फीचे तत्वज्ञान या बाबतीत फारच अचूक आणि मार्गदर्शक आहे. आपला लेख उत्तम आणि उदबोधक आहे.