Clean1In our busy and hectic schedule of life keeping our house, vehicle, office, garden neat and tidy sounds a bit too demanding. All too often, thinking about clean home or work surrounding is considered simply a luxury. There are so many things which need to be attended, and it really saps energy, therefore skipping cleaning chores is the easiest. That time can be spent on tasks which are of priority. And, friends if this continues often, cleanliness and tidiness does take a backset and we easily get accustomed to shabby surrounding. I am sure all of us must have seen homes with best of the decor and furniture, best of the wall paint, best of the tapestry but shabbily and dingily kept. Some people get so used to clutter in their lives that it hardly makes any difference to them. I am not advocating or promoting Vaastu or Feng shui but I am talking about significance of tidiness in our life.

Every article/object in our house has a place to be kept. We have tendency to preserve objects/papers/medicines/newspaper for some cuttings/books/showpieces/clothes/gifts year after year thinking that some day it might be of some use to us. We pile up cupboards, shelves, racks and showcases in our homes with so much that at times we forget what we have and how much we have. And, when we need something, it is difficult to find it in the mess. In fact we waste our precision and valuable time in messing up our surrounding. Therefore, clutter not only blocks energy, but causes inconvenience and wastage of space and valuable time. Basically, clutter can be defined as the things or possessions that we don’t use any more which get mixed up with things of our everyday use.  Some people have habit of keeping possession of broken items that need repair, spares which are accumulated for a potential breakdown, unfinished craft work, and unwanted gifts.

Think about this: clutter prevents the free flow of energy. There’s no reason to be enclosed by things that don’t work, that we don’t need any longer, or things we are no longer going to use.  Clutter represents postponed decisions and the inability to move forward in life. Clutter brings with it a sense of disorder and confusion. When you have stored clutter remember, nothing new comes into your life until you make room for it. That means you need to start clearing out the old stuff you are holding on to in order to make room for new things to flow into your life. Try it out – give away your old belongings to people who would use it or click them on your mobile and sell them off on OLX or some other similar websites.

Everything you own should have its value in your life, either because it’s useful or attractive or because you just love it. And, make place for it. Every item needs a place where it ‘lives’ or is kept. Setting things anywhere or randomly creates confusion. You can’t keep your car keys   on kitchen platform and sugar container in sitting room. Let your car keys, house keys, cupboard keys live in a bowl or on a hook by the front door. You never lose anything when you put it where it belongs to.

It is important to maintain a standard of cleanliness in each room of your house at all times. If you leave clothes that are to be worn the next day without folding them neatly, anywhere, then you are getting them dirty and crumpled.

Clean2Every room in your house has a purpose; for example, your kitchen is a food preparation area and not a storage space. Make space for the appliances. Keep the clean after use. Make space for pots and pans. Make racks for keeping them. If you don’t have enough space, hang them along the wall. Keep knives and scissors in a drawer. The idea here is to weed out what you’re not using, and then put similar items together and in the best places. When your home is tidy, it’s easier for you to concentrate on tasks at hand. Like a neat kitchen allows you to concentrate on a good cooking and a neat bedroom aids in good sleeping. I think, keeping a tidy home shows you care about what you live in. It projects your personality and mentality above all.

It is always better to clean up and organize things on a daily basis. The more you postpone, the mess accumulates and it is a huge job to clean up all at once. So make a practice of doing the work in segments till it is done. Doing cleaning work for a whole day is ok or working 10 minutes a day of putting things in place – what is logical – you decide. Clean does not mean ‘sparkling’ effect, it means there aren’t piles of junk and clutter strewn everywhere.

Clean3A truly clean house just feels better; it creates a tense-free, easygoing atmosphere in house. Clutter, dirt and messes have a way of making us tense, discontented, worried and anxious.  A cleaner and neater house inspires rest, relaxation and happiness. When you are rested, relaxed and happy, you will be more open to positive experiences. You might be surprised to find out how much your happiness, health and prosperity levels can be improved simply by keeping your home clean at all times. Although, it might take some time to get used to make it a habit and let me tell you, it’s worth the effort. When you think of dust and dirt as signs of stagnant energy, it becomes very clear why it should be removed fClean4rom your home.

There’s a saying that success is just the accumulation of good habits. I think it is so true. The more you do to help yourself to succeed, the more successful and prosperous you’ll become. Having a tidy home gives you tidy mind and it helps in making a successful career. A successful career gives ability to go and buy what you like when you want it; this in turn brings happiness and feeling of abundance.

For the swachh bharat abhiyan to succeed, it important to understand that cleanliness and prosperity is connected. A clean country will go a long way in building a successful country. I would therefore advise all to support the and take seriously the swachh bharat abhiyan



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  1. Liked the article, nice topic. In fact quiet astonished with the topic chosen here. Nice topic for not only for youngsters but for all age groups to read. Surprisingly nowadays teenagers find pride in keeping their room and bed messy . Wonder if its a trend …
    “A truly clean house just feels better; it creates a tense-free, easygoing atmosphere in house”.That’s absolutely true. Yes the way one maintains and keeps ones house depicts ones character. The proverb ” a stitch in time saves nine ” is so true in this context.
    A house with simple decor but kept neat and tidy gives a very pleasant feel to the visitor and to the family members as well. Added with a warm welcome, a calm contented mind and a pleasant smile on face makes the visitor feel special and at home.

  2. excellent piece of work really I enjoyed to read your article very nice article on ” Cleanliness and prosperity is connected”. I remember in our time in school days we use to had a subject on community living teaching and stressing more important on cleanliness tidiness , a very nice proverb still i remember of my school days that cleanliness is next to godliness. in our religion a beautiful quote paki safi insaan ka ada imaan hai ‘. your article is for all of us a message to keep home work place neat and tidy’. and madam your words are to be golden written ” A messy home is a sign of character”. truely accepted