Benefits of drinking water in the morning

water1One of the best things to do after waking up in the morning is to drink minimum 500 ml of water. It takes just about 3 minutes to drink 2 glasses of water. It does great things which cannot be overlooked. Japanese are famous for this healthy practice. Most of the Japanese consume minimum 2 glasses of water as soon as they rise in the morning.

While we sleep the whole night, our body repairs itself by replenishing it with energy and our body gradually becomes dehydrated because it needs fluid to operate. In the cleansing process our body balances hormones; the result is toxins and other waste materials being released and waiting to be flushed out. Drinking water after waking up flushes unwanted toxins out of the body. After we drink water after we wake up, it increases the rate at which new muscle and blood cells are produced. It also balances lymph system. Lymph glands set in our lymph system fight infections helping us to perform our daily activities more efficiently by balancing the fluids in our body.

Body fluids transport waste products in and out of cells. The main toxin in the body is blood urea nitrogen, a water-soluble waste that is able to pass through the kidneys to be excreted in the urine. Our kidneys do an amazing job of cleansing and ridding our body of toxins as long as our intake of fluids is adequate. When we drink enough fluids, urine flows freely and is light in color and free of odor. When our body is not getting enough fluids, urine concentration, color, and odor increases because the kidneys trap extra fluid for bodily functions.

water2Drinking water first in the morning spins up our metabolism. Drinking a large, cool glass of water after waking up has immense strength to activate metabolism by almost 24% and which stays for over an hour. It helps the kidneys to flush out toxins. We don’t realize this – when our body is not properly hydrated, our brain operates sluggishly causing a drained feeling and fatigue. Shortage of water in body also causes mood fluctuations.

One study has proved that people who drink a glass of water before every meal lost 4.5 pounds over a three-month period, because it fills up the stomach with a substance that has zero calories, and people gives a feeling of fullness. After morning breakfast, drinking a lot of water helps us avoid the temptation of snacking before lunch. It’s also very difficult for the body to tell the difference between hunger and thirst. So if you’re walking around feeling a gnawing sense of hunger, you might just be dehydrated. Try drinking a glass of water instead of grabbing a snack.

Drinking ample water helps reduce headache, body ache, heart attacks, arthritis, high pulse rate, epilepsy, obesity, bronchitis asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney and urine diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, womb, cancer and menstrual disorders, ear nose and throat diseases. Now isn’t this really a very big list of ailments which can be brought under control by consuming a large glass of water as soon as we rise.

It also relieves constipation, because the main cause of constipation is dehydration. The most simple fuel body requires is regular intake of water.

We feel lighter and brighter after body is cleansed of the toxins and it absorbs more nutrients from a well-balanced breakfast and lunch. Drinking good amount of water throughout the day also leads to clear flawless skin. Try this out from tomorrow morning; drink minimum 500 ml of water (not from the fridge), make it a practice at least for a month and see the positive effects.

Also please remember that you need to increase fluid intake when you are high on protein diet, high on fibre diet, pregnant or breast feeding, vomiting are suffering from diarrhoea, exposed to hot or warm conditions and are doing lot of physical activities such as gym, exercising, cycling, etc. Not drinking enough water can increase the risk of kidney stones and in women, urinary tract infections. It can also lower your physical and mental performance, salivary gland function and lead to dehydration.

water3Some common symptoms of dehydration are:  thirst, headache, lethargy, mood changes, slower response, dry nasal passage, dry and cracked lips, dark colored urine, weakness, tiredness, cramps, confusions and hallucination.

There is no substitute for water; not a thing. No soft drink, no coffee, no tea, no alcoholic beverages. Not even fruit juices. Each one of them has its own agenda. Your body is used to a fluid that has no agenda, because the body depends on the freedom of that fluid, water, because there are two kinds of water in the body. There is already occupied and engaged water, which is no good for new function. The body needs new water, or free water, to perform new functions. Now, when you give them sugar containing beverages, or caffeine containing beverages, both sugar and caffeine have their own chemical agenda in the body. They defeat the purpose of the need for water. So friends, drink ample water and live a healthy life.



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  1. Really very beneficial article madam “benefits of drinking water in the morning” I truly believe that there is no substitute for water no other drink can fulfill your thirst .If we want to be healthy and free from all the diseases and health issues so start drinking more water. thank you madam for writing such a nice article , I really enjoyed it and I liked the article.

  2. Our body constitutes approximate 70% of water..this itself is a reason for drinking lots & lots of water..Besides…drinking water early in the morning is also very useful for bowel movement… it also brings a fresh glow on the face …..As water is oh so very essential it is available easily and for the great God …A good news is one of my teacher has joined ur blog ..

  3. excellent article….there is nothing like water……I believe drinking water in brass/copper or Panchdhatu ( mix of 5 materials) is very beneficial apart from benefits already mentioned…..

    Also lukewarm water with lime & honey is beneficial !

  4. Really interesting and worth reading article. I will adopt this policy now onwards to have atleast two glass of water in the morning. At present I am happy with one warm glass of water in the morning and one at Night before going to bed. Let me try this also. Thanx

  5. Thanks Dr Hattangadi-a very good reminder.The intake of tea , coffee, soft drinks definitely surpasses the intake of water in our hectic schedules which has detrimental effects on our system. Yes it is so very healthy to have just plain water-the importance has been so well emphasized,very interesting and factual article.