I came across the term sapiosexual on social media. After some quick research, I learned that it is referred to a person who is sexually stimulated by intelligence, or a famous word used for intelligent person is ‘’nerd’’.

While physical attractiveness is an integral part while selecting a mate, often people do go for intelligence also as a trait.  It is often seen that kindergarten kids do love to have beautiful teachers, that’s because it’s an innate human perception that that beautiful people are more intelligent. First, children as young as kindergarteners share the perception that beautiful people are more capable and nicer.  Many studies have found that good-looking people are considered more talented, intelligent, persuasive and socially skilled. More importantly, among adults, the common perception holds both in men as well as women. While the fact is beauty has nothing to do with intelligence.

If you are more interested in having an intelligent mate you are termed as ‘’sapiosexual’’.  If you find wittiness, knowledge, good command on knowledge, a fantastic diction, and practicality more attractive in the mate your chose, you are called sapiosexual. The term first rose to prominence in 2014, when the dating site OKCupid expanded the list of sexual orientation with sapiosexuality – its many users could identify with it. But use of the term goes as far back as 2002, in a live journal blog post by a user named Wolfieboy. Later, the term became a hit. Meaning of the word Sapio is Intelligent in Latin. Many dating apps were launched to cater for this crowd. Many people expressed that they were sick of dating just attractive yet mindless mates. After the initial fun, they need to talk/chat on variety of topics; depth of life, politics, environment etc. and a ‘dumbo’ (somebody who is less intelligent or mindless) is a big bore.

Many dating apps are dumped because people find them sick or superficial hook-up apps.  Sapio is an evolution in dating apps, where physical and intellectual attraction is put on an equal level. True matches happen when one gets attracted to how someone thinks, how he/she behaves, and the deeper mind level. Sapiosexual people are people who find intelligence most important trait in a sexual partner.

Although, it is often observed that men are attracted to the idea of dating intelligent women but don’t actually like the reality of it. When it comes to marrying a lady, they distance themselves more from her, they tend to rate her as lesser attractive. On the contrary, many women prefer intelligent men more attractive.  In simple words beauty is impermanent; it is the state, condition, manner, or style in which a person appears, and it is outward. It does not help one everywhere in life.

In conclusion, in a society where physical appearance is equated to attractiveness and sex appeal, sapiosexual is gaining importance in recent years. People have started looking out for “intelligence” which is a good sign.



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