Do you appreciate good work of others?

appreciate1The other day, I had gone with a friend of mine for a painting exhibition of teenagers. As we stood before a painting titled as “Winning Energy,” which was an awesome abstract painting by a young girl of 13, we both were struck by the brilliance of it. It was a painting portraying a galloping horse; the colors, the expression, the energy and the milieu – everything was awesome. Every detail in the painting stood out and it simply showed the strength of the young painter. My friend and I immediately wrote our remarks in the space provided for visitors. While writing my remarks, I heard another lady speaking some unwanted things about the artist, about her background and her parents. The lady was quite loud. Like me, many other visitors did not appreciate the lady’s remarks.

Is it so difficult to appreciate somebody’s good work? As a society are we so narrow-minded to value good work? Why do people criticize and snub others’ great works – we cannot appreciate other’s good work, good deeds when we are jealous of them. Many times we do not appreciate others due to some petty and insignificant reasons, and trust me; it is our own weakness of not recognizing the goodness in others. Even if we don’t appreciate good work, there are millions of people to appreciate and support those who are doing something good for the society. There are some great artists, physicians, scientists, architects, lawyers, writers, journalists, politicians, and philanthropists who are doing good work and making our living better. I believe not appreciating others for their good work is our own loss.

Remember, when we learn to appreciate others, we never lose anything, instead we become better persons. Appreciating others helps us to enhance our gratefulness and will also boost the doers’ capacity and fortitude.  The world requires good work of people. If we cannot do some good work, at least let’s appreciate other’s good work.


appreciate2May be you don’t stop when you see an accident on road, but somebody else does stop; maybe you don’t contribute for somebody’s illness, but somebody else does; there are some good hearts who are helping people in emergencies, there are some generous people not very rich but, they still help some patient have better facilities in hospital. We don’t need to be rich to help, we need a strong heart, and we need compassion to lend other a support in their crucial times. If we can’t, let us at least appreciate those who go out of their way to reach out.

Learning to appreciate others’ ideas, sincerity, contribution, good deeds etc enhance one’s life. If we really take some time to ponder on how many people have helped us – done well to us so far in our lives; if we really count all those people and their contribution to our personal growth, and just bless them, it will harness the power of gratitude within us. Please try doing this, and it does feel really good.


appreciate5Harness the power of gratitude within you. Many people for many good works, good deeds, good art, have never received any appreciation or reward in their lifetime. Do they need to be remembered after they pass away from this world? It is much better to say a word of appreciation while they are living than writing a beautiful biography or carrying a bouquet on their death ceremony. It is simply an act of hypocrisy in my opinion. The dead people – those imparted souls cannot see or smell beautiful flowers or read great biography written on them in their praise. While the person is alive, a simple appreciation is what is required.  Appreciating others and talking good of others after they are dead is one of the weakest attitudes of mankind in this world.

But friends, many people work hard regardless of others appreciation and recognition. But what about those young children who need to be held, who need to be supported, who need to be appreciated and recognised? Let’s not be cruel – let’s appreciate the youngsters to have a better and bright world tomorrow. Let’s harness their talent and their worth – so that we have more innovations and advancement for the future generations of our. Appreciation should come from our heart. If we do not appreciate others from our hearts, it is better not to show our artificial appreciation because it only wastes energy and time.

By appreciating we can boost and harness our relationships with others. A simple ‘Thank you’, Get well soon’’, ‘Happy Birthday’, Congratulation’, ‘Love You’, ‘Care for you’ can make great wonders in relationships. It’s so easy to forget and be aloof by not cheering others, by not loving others, not sympathizing with others, and not appreciating others.

In fact, to recognize others for their small good deeds is so beautiful. This simple tactic can literally transform an important relationship like a marriage, an employment, or friendship. If you constantly are ignorant about seeing the goodness in others, you will see your relationships will slowly deteriorate. Nobody wants to be associated with a self-centered, uncouth person.

It’s not too late to learn to say ‘’thank you’’ whenever someone shows you the least bit of consideration. Doing this will make you feel better and it will encourage others to be more considerate. There are plenty of rude and inconsiderate people out there in the world, but you can be a force for good people by simply spreading some appreciation and gratitude around. When you notice some good work of others, be quick to express appreciation and watch what happens – you will only see kindness, goodness, and uprightness around you.




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  1. When you feel generous, your life becomes abundant, full of compassion and love. Every one should learn the art of praising and appreciating a good work selflessly.
    Nice article enjoyed reading.

  2. Thank you madam your article on ” Do you appreciate good work of others” I truely enjoyed reading your article, nice quote and i totally agree with the phrase mentioned in your article that appreciation should come from out heart not forcefully or for namesake, madam really your articles are binding relationship and creating humanity in a society with other fellow being or with the society people.