I always feel that driving is a risky business; you end up paying high premiums if your vehicle is purchased on loan, and you have more and more expensive cars and more motorists on the road than ever before. Unfortunately, if you get involved in an accident, the process of dissipating your name is often fraught with pitfalls, rumor, gossip and speculation, but what if you had video proof of your innocence? This is where having dashcam can become quite important and useful.

All drivers have distinctive personalities: some think that they are the best drivers, they tend to go out and teach every driver some or the other lessons, some are calm, some are frustrated, some get agitated for smallest mistake of others, some are stringent law-abiders, while some like to break rules on the road……so while you drive, you meet all sorts of drivers and vehicles on the road. Each driver experiences something different behind the wheel; from getting stuck in traffic jam to getting cut off on the freeway, somebody bangs his car into your car, or you lose your control and bang into some other vehicle……… each day driving experiences is different. The experience triggers feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety and helplessness. And with more numbers of cars and people on the road than ever before, it’s no wonder our time spent in the car makes or breaks us.

Getting into a car accident is one of the worst experiences and inconceivable. If no one is seriously injured, we thank the Almighty. But, if something untoward happens, then the blame game starts. The driver, whosoever he/she is needs to visit police stations, lawyer’s office, and the court of law, the insurance issues etc, etc. It messes up life completely. From an insurance stand, dashcams can become an impartial view on a road accident. The criminality of fake accidents involving cars – claiming medical compensation from the insurers, who play their terrible games, hiking the premiums of the car driver, and often making their insurance policy invincibly complex. The dashcam can put a logical end to all of this.

With the introduction of mandatory dashboard cameras, each car could be asked to produce evidence based on their claim/defense meaning, as long as the camera if on and recording, there is an impartial review. After a road incident, people can often be unwilling to admit guilt and risk losing their no-claims discount by telling the truth. This can lead to a war of words resulting in reduced or settled insurance claims.

At times, we get involved in an accident with a pedestrian, or somebody walking on road talking on his mobile, it is such a menace to explain who is right and who is wrong. The driver cannot run away, he keeps confessing his righteousness and people around the scene create more hassles. And believe it or not, there are people out there who actively try to hamper the traffic and create chaos.

Sometimes the most dangerous place for your car is a parking garage. The car next to you might scrape yours when pulling out, or even worse, your ride could get damaged. And, when you leave your vehicle unattended whether in a parking garage or your own driveway, anything could happen to it – hooligans steal spare parts, somebody might just dash into it, some tree branch might fall on it, anything can happen.

The dashcam is a device that goes on your car’s dashboard.

We can avoid all of this nonsense by installing a dashcam which helps in preventing many post-accident legal headaches by recording the facts. The beauty of dashcams is that they don’t have to stop recording when you park your car. Since many are battery operated, you can leave these cameras on while you’re away. You can avoid crashes, brawls, and quarrels. Sporadically, these car-ready cameras record some pretty unbelievable footage and sheer driving skills. The dashcam is a device that goes on your car’s dashboard.

It is advisable to use your dashcam 24/7, the prime motivator is your own safety and legal protection because you can also capture some pretty unbelievable footage just by keeping these cameras powered on.

Many of you must have heard of the Chelyabinsk meteor which was caused by an approximately 20-metre near-earth asteroid that entered atmosphere over Russia on 15 February 2013. The light from the meteor was brighter than the Sun, visible up to 100 km (62 mi) away. It was observed over a wide area of the region and in neighboring republics. Some eyewitnesses also felt intense heat from the fireball. There are plenty of videos of this spectacular event, primarily because so many drivers in Russia use dashcams. One of the best was captured by a parked car, which happened to have its dashcam on.

I know of many enthusiasts who use their dashcams to record autocross runs, track days, and questionable excursions on local public roads and the dashcams record them brilliantly. You can capture some of the best road trips from beginning point to end point finding something weird, exciting, or both on the way, something that you never planned for! It is worth investing in a dashcam.



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