Curious1The world is full of diversity. It’s diverse in so many ways; in ethnicity, geographic parameters, languages, class and creed, culture, richness and meagerness and ecological issues and political styles and models. Throughout the history of mankind we are cutoff from each other mentally and physically by objectivity, linguistic, political, geographical and cultural barriers. Just think If only we had free energy, one universal language – that of love and no political barriers our awareness and our strength would ignite.  I think we the people of this planet are weak and powerless to remove these stumbling blocks because we fear the change. It is very easy to say that globalization has shrunk the world in bringing humanity together, it sounds very hypocritical when we say that world is become a global village. We are like frogs in different wells; because our minds are still limited by the cultural, financial, linguistic isolation. We are still racists. There are still isolated primitive tribes who still believe the earth is flat. There is still disparity between the rich and poor, between illiterates and literates, the worst of all is the gender inequality. All this has somewhere lead to our loosing curiousness.


Is Ignorance really bliss?

The vast majority of humanity has remained poor and exploited. We are suffering the amalgamated consequences of generations of ignorance.  Even today majority of mankind is struggling to fulfill their basic needs. The strong has always accumulated power over the weak. We humans don’t like when people act differently than us; so we ridicule, pick on, ostracize and punish each other for unusual behavior. We don’t like others progressing, going ahead of us.  So we tend to aimlessly oppose progress. We don’t like to step out of our comfort zone and hence we maintain our level of ignorance, and unfortunately we tend to rest cozily in our ignorance. One of the big reasons we are so dumb is because we’ve we have lost the courage and inspiration to do new things. Our frog mentality makes us pull down someone who wants to go out and explore truth. Ironically, the smarter you think you are the more often you look down on people who are smarter than you.

What has been the role of media in people loosing their curiousness?

The media enlightens us smartly to what the influential people want us to do. Governments are not making education a priority. The world wouldn’t be so dumb if our governments devoted more resources to education than war. If we’d spent our entire war budget on education, we would have united and decided that we want peace and progress of mankind.  Education is supposed to refine thinking. Sorry to state that academic philosophy has failed humanity. And specializations in education system disallow us to look at problems completely; instead we tend to look at them only from one perspective known to us. Schools are supposed to teach students to be inquiring, to learn new things on their own. They are supposed to ask questions and seek answers from teachers, peers, parents, society at large. Unfortunately, academia has become paralyzed; brainless hierarchical bureaucracy has taken the control of it.

What has been the role of education in people loosing their curiousness?


We are ridiculing the education system by corroding the curiousness from it. The academia doesn’t want the students to think. More often than not schools, colleges and universities teach students to think what their professors think. The quickest way to get in a fight with a modern mainstream academic philosophy is to say that philosophy should be useful. We are producing mentally limited engineers, doctors, managers, teachers, political heroes, and scientists.  The modern education system is promoting ignorance than enlightenment. Curiosity is an important trait of learners; the mind is like a muscle which becomes stronger through continual exercise, the mental exercise caused by curiosity makes our mind stronger and stronger. Our education system is nips curiosity in children.

What has been the role of religion in people loosing their curiousness?

Religion has torn us apart. We are so blindfolded with our religion that we don’t want to seek truth outside the religious frames. If you dare to do, religion forbids this. It stops people in their rational tracks. Instead of spreading peace and harmony which any religion is supposed to propagate it is only holding people back from going ahead on progressive paths. Throughout the human history religion has been doing only damage. From beginning we have been failed to replace religion with useful philosophy and it has kept us in the dark and will continue to do so. Society is so lost in doing nothing worthwhile. And, we don’t know that we are lost and are aimlessly wandering.

Curious4We have no idea what we’re doing, and we’re just guessing while putting on enough airs to make it look like we have done great things together. We are looking up to our political, religious leaders for guidance. We are so ignorant about their powers. They are blinder than we are, so it is like one blind leading horde of blinds. There is one difference between us and them; they are good at lying. Whom can we emulate in this overpopulated world? Friends, there is drought of good leaders. Rapid evolution of regional and then global processes requires strong innovations in products and processes. The political and business environment is increasingly becoming complex which is globally making the talent shortage wider. The top global human capital challenges are due to deficits in two key areas of leadership: vision and strategic thinking. Geographically, the developing continents Africa, Asia and the Middle East are the regions with the largest gaps in human competence. Globally, leadership deficit is combined with slack loopholes in government regulatory system, law and order, risk and instability and most dishonest governing frameworks.

Finally, how terrified are you of your stupidity? If you are not terrified, then enjoy bliss of your ignorance. And, if you are terrified then do something amazing to get rid of your stupidity. And, don’t waste your life in vain while making a mockery of the infinitely priceless gift of life. At the moment we need a delicate balance of diversity and unity essentially as a goal of democratic nation-states and of teaching and learning in a democratic society. We need to adapt teaching to different student characteristics by using diverse methods of teaching. We need adaptation to the ability levels, patterns of different abilities, learning styles, personality characteristics, and cultural backgrounds. We need convergent and divergent approaches to teaching and learning so that we don’t lose curiousness.



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  1. Sad but true that today we have lost curiousness/ or curiosity . Instead of blaming the system, the people, culture etc. We are the ones to blame it. We ourselves are super engrossed in earning bread & butter, that we have forget “to live”. If we can spend few minutes and start to live as just a simple human we can definitely bring in a reform as this will calm down the beast of fierce competition within us and make us more human …we will begin to love and respect life, fellow humans and god.It is true that today we are connected through globalisation but what is being exchanged on this platform is fierce competition , hatred, envy etc. instead of humanity, brotherhood & universal love. Its high time we change our approach/our attitude towards live and follow the universal principle”LIVE & LET LIVE” & the world will automatically become a better place to live in. Thank you Madam.

  2. Today’s life is all make-up & show biz irrespective you have it or not ! World of instant things where things are being available readily. The power of curiosity is being eroded & hence power to question or quest to understand the logics !

  3. Indeed, the current methodology adapted by any human is an easy way out.of copy, paste. The curiosity is long dead. Even the current educators have become lazy and have made it a mere means of income for them and there families. Very few think out of the box and develop new teaching techniques.
    Mam really commendable on your part to think of such versatile topics, ponder upon it and then express the same so that all of gain an insight into the same.

  4. Excellent article madam ” we have lost curiousness ” very true really we are so bosusy in our day to day life that we have lost the charm and beauty of it and become so impatience that everything we want instant. thank you madam for writing such a nice article, i liked it

  5. Very Nice article madam ” we have lost curiousness ” very true really we are so bosusy in our day to day life that we have lost the charm and beauty of it and become so impatience that everything we want instant. thank you madam for writing such a nice article, i liked it