People these days don’t like cooking for various reasons. For some it is a messy affair, cleaning the kitchen is darning.  For some it is time consuming activity, some get just bored with a thought of cooking. My conjecture is that most people who admit to hate cooking are actually just making excuses to avoid it. If you like eating, why would you really hate cooking? Have you tried your hands at cooking? Cooking more than a therapy

How cooking brings you closer to your near & dear ones

Guys if you don’t cook you are losing out on a fantastic skill to have. Not only does it save you time and money on food which you buy from outside, it can also contribute to improved health, bring you closer to your near and dear Hinrichs_Food_Photography_2012_00941ones besides it is a great stress buster.  While stress numbs your senses, cooking stimulates them. It’s a sensory experience: touching, washing, cutting, chopping, grating, aroma, seasoning, the visual delight and even the sizzling sound everything can just rouse your senses.

How cooking is therapeutic

A psychiatrist working in London, Mark Salter suggests that cooking and baking activities could be therapeutic for patients with depression. They can stimulate cognition, get people working on memory tasks and allow patients to connect with a feeling of nurturing and protection. I’d argue that cooking and baking have another benefit: the possibility of sharing, and the enrichment of interpersonal relationships that occurs as a result.

Food Photography

His claims are supported by some counselors, therapists and mental health treatment centers all over the world which use cooking therapy as a tool for their patients. In addition to helping people learn skills for independence and self-care by teaching them how to cook wholesome, balanced meals, cooking can also help patients get more active, grounded and connected with their environment. And evidently the focus on tasks can be beneficial for a brain in turmoil.

How cooking can open a world of opportunity

You don’t have to love cooking, but knowing the basics and feeling competent in the kitchen can open a world of opportunity to improve your quality of life. We are busy doing so many things in our lives. We have better things to do than slave away in kitchen cooking a breakfast, meal or a dessert. Until you champion the task of cooking the planning, shopping, chopping, cooking, preserving and cleaning involved in making a meal can bore you to death. Frankly speaking it does.


I feel there is nothing else than cooking which offers instant gratification. If you’re cooking for people whom you love and care for, your cooking can nurture relations further. The praise and appreciation that you get for cooking from your loved ones is a feeling of elation. Cooking involves innovation, imagination, novelty and thinking. You can go on innovating mixing ingredients, styling your preparations with a variety, using different materials while dishing out new recipes.

Why Cooking is an honest workimage

Another thing about cooking is that it’s honest work. It takes you on a delicious ride and gives you a different high and yet keeps you grounded, in touch with reality. It helps you clear your mind, it stimulates new ideas, and it refreshes your outlook. It keeps you occupied – keeping you busy and helping you to forget about worries for some time.

So friends please don’t give up on cooking. It’s a great reliever. 



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  1. In a modern, but essentially a hedonistic society, consumerism has it’s own place. Hence, the added importance being attached to not just food, per se, but also to cooking.But the moot question, perhaps, is ” Should we eat to live or live to eat.”!

  2. Though I am a chef by profession, Mam i have never expressed cooking and its fundamentals so wonderfully. Kudos to you Mam.

  3. Yes Absolutely ..Cooking is an Art , yes it gives highs, it makes us creative. Gives immense pleasure when we see people enjoying our food and to hear praises.
    Its an awesome feeling to hear praises, feel elated if you have put your heart in cooking. Bringing soul to the recipe.
    Nice article loved reading .

  4. very nice article madam , Cooking is an Art and my mother she cooks very tasty and delicious food. so beautiful way you had expressed this article and this article dedicates to you, because even you also cook so tasty and in stylish way, after my mother and sister i loved you hand cooked food . thank you madam , I liked the article,