What type of personality are you? Type “A” or type “B”

Personality1In late 1950s cardiologists Meyer Friedman and R. H. Rosenman coined the term “Type A” and “Type B” personality types. Meyer and Rosenman said that Type A personalities are prone to heart disease easily because of their nature. They are very hyper and finish work on deadlines always.  Comparatively type B people are laid back individuals. They have the aptitude to relax, enjoy small undertakings and they like to enjoy the small things in life. Though, they too get stressed but rarely.

In business organizations “Type A” personality will always be in demand because they are competitive, energetic, impatient, and are always under pressure to finish work in time. To a great extent type ‘A’ personalities are the most sought-for employees. However, a tremendous amount of work has been done by psychologists on the personality types and they have found that type ‘A’ is most prone to heart disease. They work overtime a great deal and rarely take vacations. They are labeled as “workaholics,” “perfectionists,” and “fastidious” people. Do you know A Type individuals are usually insecure? Their insecurity results in an alluring urge to constantly remind themselves and others of their achievements. If you walk into a type A’s office or home you will find many awards, degree and diplomas, and trophies hung on the wall or decorated in a cupboard. These are the common fixtures in their homes and offices. They are always worked up; hence they tend to be very angry individuals, they demonstrate usually cut-throat business tactics. These individuals are quite concerned about numbers, e.g. number of customers, amount of money earned, number of cars and number of homes owned by them. Because of their number game, they are always tensed up. They complain muscle cramps, dry throat, insomnia and they have more adrenalin pumping though their bodies than Type B personalities. The daily caffeine intake of Type A personalities is 50% greater than that of Type B persons. They consume more caffeine to boost their functioning ability.

On the contrast type B individuals have relaxing characteristics. They are not concerned with time or numbers or awards. They cannot work under stress. They are friendlier people. The Type B person finds it easier to express and receive affection because they are hassle free.

Personality2“A” type personalities are most suitable for leadership position. They are business owners, managers, sales people, intrapreneurs. They take charge very easily and forge ahead. They are very decisive and constant in getting what they want and need. They always are looking for a better way of working. Their entrepreneurial streak is always exhibited and they are not averse to taking risk. The type “A” personality is usually very independent and to the point. They don’t like routine and often delegate routine chores to someone else.

Personality3B” Type personalities are non-judgmental and tolerant people. They usually exhibit higher levels of satisfaction in life. They are aware of their abilities and work progressively for their goals. They enjoy their achievements. They are not too much stressed out to excel. They do get disappointed when they fall short of their goals, but they don’t get overwhelmed like “A” type. “B” type accepts failures more easily. They enjoy outings, games and contests. They participate in competitions and contests not for the sole objective of winning but for the love of the game. They are thoughtful and innovative. They allow themselves to explore and fail, if necessary. Some “B” type people are too relaxed and laid-back that they lack the drive to reach the topmost level of their careers.

Personality4A research concluded that in the most progressive country in the world, America has 50% of the individuals who fall into the Type A category, 40% into the Type B category, and 10% are undefined. More importantly, the results of a ten-year long research project on 3,500 men indicated that Type A men have at least three times as much coronary heart disease as Type B’s. The research proved that smoking cigarettes, eating foods rich in cholesterol, taking drinks and little or no exercise made very little difference in stirring the risk of heart disease, if the person has a Type B personality. This study proved that the risk associated with developing heart disease decreased by 31% when the A-B factor was eliminated. People, who can relax, take life easily as it comes, those who can enjoy company of family and friends, who travel for fun, live life for many years. The research found that people who smoked three packs of cigarettes a day for fifty years but have enjoyed life are now celebrating their 100 plus years birthdays and mind you they are Type B personalities.

Type ‘A’ people are more visible because they like to take on leadership or managerial positions and to draw attention to their work. You will see them make a fuss at an airport counter, in hotel counter, hospital anywhere. To put it plainly, type As want to spread out in the world and make their presence known. And, please don’t be under wrong impression that Type B doesn’t make it big in life. They too are achievers. They don’t make noise, they are slow but steady. Perhaps that’s the reason they are slow to anger and experience less chronic stress. Anxiety is associated with enhanced outcomes for just about every health complaint, from asthma to depression to Type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Please note that type “B” easily delegate when are in high pressure jobs.

Type B personalities are often more balanced in social situations; they handle sticky situations more gracefully. They are less competitive, more patient, more mutual and happier to enjoy the moment. They are certainly better people to be around with. While type As brag and try get all the credit for focusing on the goals ahead, type Bs are as skillful at achieving their objectives in the end, but they do not make big noise.

While we give so much importance to achievements it comes with a badge of “being stressed”.  It’s not enough that we compete to see who can do the most, but we compete to see who can handle the most stress doing it. The only way to minimize the negative effects of stress is to diminish the stress itself by identifying the reasons of stress in your life; either eliminate them, or rethink them.



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  1. Very good article! I am sure I am a typical type B and am very ‘happy’ being so….i value good time, good people, happy memories and also good things in life..in contrast to stress, top ranking etc. I enjoy being happy with smallest of the things!! I prefer to ‘live’ my life happily! I hope more people choose to be stress free!!

  2. Wow. Ma’am what an area of study. Enjoyed reading the article. There’s lots to learn and understand from it.

  3. TypeA are impatient always in hurry to complete theirjob even before assigned time keading to stressed life while typeB are less showy yet they do achieve their goal within their parameter so that they remain stress free and enjoy life in natural way

  4. Ma’am amazing article…I really enjoyed reading it and could actually relate a lot many people n personalities around me…