In our life intangible things such our emotions, our thoughts, our actions, our rational capability plays a vital role in good health of both our mind and body. We see aura surfacing in God’ images; in fact all of us have an aura. Our aura looks healthy all unhealthy depending upon our mind and body happiness.

An aura is also known as human energy field. It’s a colored production that encloses a human body and all living things. The aura is described as an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds each one of us. It appears as an oval ball of energy that encompasses our body. The auras of saintly people can be seen because their auras are very strong, whereas normal ordinary people’s aura cannot be seen because they are not strong.  The negativities that we hold in our mind, appears like grayish clouds in our aura. The gryaishness looks fainter or darker depending on negative thoughts and emotions that one generates for years after years.

We think and we feel every day, so in a given day, a week and year how many thoughts must have created emotions inside the aura. That’s the reason it is better to forget, and forgive people who hurt us. The alternative therapists such as pranic and reiki healers can see these grayish clouds floating in our aura. The pranic and reiki masters depending on their practice can even see our thoughts and emotions during the healing process. I have talked to few healers and taken help from them during difficult times and have found the service very helpful in reducing the stress levels.

Mental noise: When we sit down to meditate, try to concentrate on breathing, so many thought pop up in mind, this is called mental noise or inner noise. Mental noise is the invariable rattle of the mind which is never-ending. It is the inner conversation that goes on constantly in the mind. Many of us are ignorant of this mental noise, because it is a deeply rooted habit, and is an inseparable part of life. This mental noise never stops; from the moment we wake up in the morning till we fall asleep at night it goes on. If the inner noise is too much, it prevents to fall asleep. It constantly does the work of analyzing about all activities of day, what we speak to others and the response from others. The mental noise or inner noise keeps analyzing everything about our life: circumstances, the people we meet, events.

It is a voice in the head that non-stopping keeps talking. The mind keeps repeating the same thoughts over and over again, similar to a loop, some thoughts get stuck like a cracked record, so they keep coming back. Now, if these are a positive thought that’s fine. However, too often, these are negative thoughts that deepen stress, worry, anger or frustration. These are thoughts that you need to work on to remove them from your system. The negative thoughts make our aura weaker. The greyish clouds of thoughts and emotions within the aura are a major source of inner noise.

Cleaning of aura: You can cleanse your own aura which helps to think clearly, it prevents illness in your physical body, helps you to receive love from the world and people in your life, helps in getting soothing sleep and wake up feeling energized, helps in attaining goals and objectives in life.

Invite happiness in your life by avoiding people and places with bad energy. Our mind gives us good and bad signal listen, therefore we must listen to our mind. Please remember that your aura is not only made from your own energy, it also absorbs energy from your environment. All those people you interact with and places you visit have their own auras that are sending out energy, and you are taking that energy and making it a part of your own aura. When we visit holy places, positive thinkers, good hearted people, our aura gets recharged. On the contrary, negative people block your aura which can lead to poor emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. People who have very negative emotions and thoughts emit negativity.

Observe this carefully: people, places, events which make you happier, and people, places and events which give you a bad feeling. Avoid people who gossip about others, people who are backstabbers, people who are liars, and people who don’t have much going on in their own lives. They lack a personal touch and give off a cold unfriendly vibe.

Happier people radiate a sense of calmness and clarity that makes us feel at ease when we interact with them. Nice people put a lot of thought into decorating and infusing their own personal energy into their homes and surrounding. Some people can be trusted because they mean what they say.

Can you change your belief system? Yes, you can. Remember this; your beliefs are the source of your health and quality of your life. Your beliefs are aligned with the universal energy. They are capable of manifesting good health, good luck, good spirit in your body and your aura. But, if your belief system is flawed,  it has the capability of bringing you down.

Have faith in the Almighty, faith balances the psychological and emotional disturbances in our life. Faith expresses a hope in our mind. Faith is total trust, confidence or assurance in somebody, a theory, an idea, or something. Faith gives us peace, consolation, comfort and security.

Meditate: The process of mediation is very simple. I don’t know why the world fusses so much over it. To begin with, commit few minutes of yours – may be five minutes a day. Try to fix a time simply if you want the habit to stick. You can do it for ten minutes if you feel good about it, but all you are committing to is five minutes each day. With little bit of practice of few days it will create a trigger in you.

Find a quiet spot where you can sit just by yourself. The spot could be a corner in your home, your kitchen or your work station in your office. You don’t need to go out in search of it. It need not be a park or a beach or a place of worship to meditate. Don’t look for a soothing surrounding. The place really doesn’t matter, what matters is as long as you can sit without being bothered for a few minutes. Sit comfortably. Don’t waste your energies on deciding what you sit on. If you want to lean against the wall or need a pillow to relax your back, take it. You may sit on sofa or a chair. Focuses on your breath, observe it. See how you breathe in and breathe out. Feel the breath on your upper lip; check the rhythm, check the speed. Slowly start wiping the negative thoughts from your mind.

The mind itself is the biggest obstacle standing between the self and this awareness. The mind is by nature unruly and unmanageable. And, it resists any attempts to discipline it or to guide it on a particular path. The mind has a mind of its own. With help off meditation, which is simple, you can heal your own aura and attain health, wealth and happiness forever! Unblock your aura regularly.

Conclusion: Your aura is the energy field that surrounds you. The successful appearance of any intention depends on your energy and subconscious mind, this subconscious mind is your aura. The subconscious mind contains the pattern of our thinking. The strength and state of your aura determines the strength of what you attract, which includes people, events, success, failure, happiness or sadness.



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