What does “style statement” mean in fashion?                        



The charming and charismatic Hindi movies hero of Bollywood, Dev Anand who rocked the 1950s, 1960s till 1980s is known as the style icon for scripting a fashion statement with his scarves, mufflers and jackets and his signature puff. Similarly, in my opinion, John F. Kennedy (erstwhile American President) used to be referred as “style icon.”  He always looked perfectly attired and naturally elegant. JFK had it all that takes to entice the world; the wit, the brilliance, the looks and of course he was stylish to the core.

A fashion statement is an event during which a person or a group of people wear either a specific article of clothing or an entire outfit that somehow stands out and grabs the attention of onlookers. The beautiful gowns, sexy frocks, and over-the-top confections with the glittering gizmos on famous personalities make the style; we see celebrities making fashion statements with their clothing. When Dennis Rodman showed up to an event scheduled to support his autobiography while wearing a wedding dress, he was making a very shocking fashion statement. Madonna, who is reported to have had a relationship with Dennis Rodman, has made quite a few fashion statements of her own.

The way people look matters in a society. Our looks, our figure, our body shape, our expressions, body language matters a lot in our career, our social image. As a society, we are obsessed with looks and style. And, looks provide all kinds of clues about health, strength, fertility, our education, our financial status, our confidence etc. Clothes are the closest artifacts to the human body; they not only protect our body but, they act like a second skin. It is fact that if we care about bodies, we care deeply about the clothes which wrap our body around them.  The clothes frame them, they augment our features and frame and they transform us. This is why most people get affected by fashion; it is both art and science. Fashion affects us more than paintings, architecture or sculptures.



I think it’s difficult to ignore Narendra Modi’s signature half-sleeve kurtas and churidaars. The pastel shades and hues give a facelift to his persona. You need not be remotely interested in politics to look at his fashionable attire. His formals are snappish and well stitched. He reflects assurance, national pride and poise ease to try out new things. The PM’s fondness for wearing mostly linen and khadi kurtas in subdued colours paired with sharply-tailored jackets has always been spot on. He stands out for his uniqueness. The world has never seen an Indian Prime Minister like him. He flaunts his stylish Bvlagri spectacles frames, expensive watches and swanky Mont Blanc pen collection while making his style statement.

In addition to simply wearing unusual or shocking garments, a fashion statement can also be political statement or represent the wearer’s feelings about a certain social issue. In fact, many of these kinds of fashion statements are much more modest. Someone who cares very much for the environment might, for example, prefer to wear clothing made from recycled material. A person who prefers not to use animal products may wear belts, shoes, and carry bags or satchels that are made out of leather alternatives. In India, a white Khadi saree or a khadi kurta with Gandhi cap expresses patriotism.


Fashion is something that changes within a few days time; it is usually short lived. Some things like width of lapels, cut of trouser, colors of blouses and shirts and ties in stores tells what is in and what is out. But, one of the easiest way of making a fashion statements is the one in which a person simply wears an item of clothing that includes a phrase or sentence that specifically defines one’s feelings about a certain social or political issue. These statements are most commonly worn on the front or back of T-shirts, sweat shirts, or jackets. Such statements are made by both celebrities and common people. It is the best way for individuals and groups display their opinions; by doing so, people can bring their perspective and point of view on particular issue or cause. People can race towards being better than what we are today.   We see words, pictures, logos printed on apparels; which certainly helps them take their conversation and cause beyond the online world. Sometimes this helps to start a conversation in the society. People can express their statement together or individually to become a voice of change.

There is something called ‘Fashion Forward’ which means somebody interested in fashion and using or wearing things which will soon become fashionable. The fashion world is most fast-forwarding. Its business is very competitive yet dynamic; each designer and customer tries to jump ahead to remain current. Tommy Hilfiger, the famous designer, says, “A trend happens as the result of a natural reaction to the customer’s direction. But even though you may see a common trend, I think every designer has a different take on it.”


Gabrielle Bonheur famously known as “Coco Chanel” was a French fashion designer of women’s clothes and founder of the Chanel brand; she once said that “Copying is the ransom of success.” Fashion is all about copying. There is no such thing as an original style. Those things called trends basically mean we are all going to be dressing the same evermore. She used to say that fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, it has to do with ideas, it is about the way we live and what is happening around us.

I think if you can make a clearer definition of your style and its key elements, it can help you with shopping and it prevents you from buying things that you would rarely wear. Think about this: it will become much easier to dress yourself successfully if you have a good sense of what your style is and if you can describe it in a few words. Find 2 words that define who you are and your style; do this exercise with your favorite outfits.

I believe that you can describe your style when you know exactly what makes you. When you and your style match you can make your style statement. If you are happy, you will find your style over the place. That’s because you will have clarity in exactly what is that you want, what elements you need to compliment your style and you will automatically stand out with your style. Each one of us makes an impact on somebody and of course each one of us has a style statement.



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  1. Having your own style statement is the latest fad rite from a todd to a fifty year old . Everyone wants to leave an impression but in this quest people blindly follow what the brand owners follow or their fav celeb n loose their own identity.Proper use of mind n heart will not only enhance your beauty it will coordinate with your true inner self ..this will make a killer combination .Thank u Madam