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I think travel makes everybody an amazing person. A short trip or a long trip whatsoever, travel helps us comprehend better, think better and perform better. We end our travels way better off than when we started.

Don’t you think while travelling we get rid of our inhibitions? We get comfortable talking to strangers; get to understand other traditions and ethnicities. We forget about how we look while talking, smiling, and crying, our hairstyle and many other peculiarities. After a while, we don’t care about where people are from, where they are going, how long they’ve been traveling, and we just get engrossed in our journey.

It is immaterial to which destinations we are travelling; whether it is Mt. Everest, Alps, beautiful Paris, or a small not so famous hill station, the newness of the place, taking a flight, checking in and out of a hotel, talking to locals, eating something new, buying souvenirs – all of this makes us self-assured.  After accomplishing so much, we feel a lot more confident in our ability to achieve anything.

Often, travel helps us to deal with lot of dilemmas such as dealing with missed flight/train/bus; having to stay at the terminus a92 night, slow buses, wrong turns, delays, bad street food, and much, much more. After a while, it teaches us to learn how to familiarize ourselves in varying situations. It teaches us calm our nerves; not getting mad, not getting irritated, stop fuming and fretting. It teaches us to move on.

While travelling life throws us in unknown situations, sometimes we get cheated, worst; loss of passport, travel documents all this prepares us to hit back with greater plans and ideas to deal with them. Travel teaches you to deal with yours and other’s errors. It teaches us correct and reduces stress. It’s just great reaching top of the mountain, crossing a gorge, helping a co-passenger with his bout of asthma, pacify somebody’s crying child, help some senior citizen by picking his baggage, these things teach skills we dint have.

93If you are going through a crisis like you’ve lost your job, snag in a relationship, lost a close one, made losses in business, cannot find solution to a problem travel can be a perfect way to come over these stages, they give you a fresh insight, they give you a better perspective. They help you transit easily.

During a travel we realize that we really need little in life; our habit of hoarding95 is futile. We become aware of the fact that all those luxury items we purchase for our home, ornaments, luxury brands – all this is pretty useless in leading a truly happy life. As they say, the more you own, the more it owns you. Travel brings you out of your shell – it brings out your good inner qualities making you sociable, witty, tolerant, happy, confident, and smart. Aren’t these qualities vital to lead a successful everyday life?

Enjoy the variety of flavors world has to offer you, enjoy the natural world, the sunrise, sunset, drizzling of showers, waterfalls, wild flowers, green mountain tops, blue sky, the starry night sky, gushing rains, the morning mist – go out there and embrace life. Don’t forget to take part in adventures; go for thrilling river crafting, scuba diving, paragliding, skilling, trek94king and rock climbing. Go for fishing, go and explore the old and historical monuments, watch the expansive architecture, go for caving to feel mesmerized.

In reality, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. We all need to unwind and invigorate. Aren’t we worth it??



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