Take a break… 

Break1Our body and mind needs a break from the routine, monotonous, dull and stressed life hence we long for a break – a holiday.  Our body and mind need to be refurbished; we cannot overlook importance of rest, sleep, leisure, and frolic. Some people just laze around and enjoy their holiday, while some have a list of activities to complete, some serious folks complete their backlogs, while some watch movies over few pegs. Everybody has some agenda: serious, funny, entertaining and lazy, but holidays are must.

It’s sad to see that some people feel guilty to take a holiday and enjoy it; they don’t understand that they treat themselves badly by doing so.  It is sad to note that some people have not taken a deserving break for years together. They keep postponing their holiday.

Break2Do you know, physicians recommend a well planned, deserving holiday to recoup our fitness? A good vacation allows us to travel to long distance, see new places, eat variety of food, meet new people and most importantly allows us to be with our family. Regular movement like walking, climbing, jogging, running, swimming boosts our blood circulation, helps relax muscle cramps, ups our heart rate and thus makes our immune system better!

Break3Without the stress of job/business our body gets enough time to repair the system. It’s a commonly accepted reality that people can get rid of some chronic disorders such as back pain, joint pains, migraines, acidity, and sore throats while on a holiday.

The claustrophobic city atmosphere is sickening; the congested roads, surrounding areas, offices, heaving public transport everything makes breathing difficult. Our lungs need clean and fresh air; in fact 72 hours of pure and fresh air helps them to become healthier, and remember this is once in a month. So friends, how much we torture our bodies. A break is necessary to stay alive. Take a trip to a rainforest, a beach, mountains to see the lush green forests, lush green fields, sturdy mountains, walk in the beach sand, stroll in nights watch the starry sky, see those great architectural monuments, visit some religious place, meditate, watch some opera, meet your friends with whom you have lost touch, rewind old memories, feel nostalgic to pamper your mind and body. When you feel good and breathe freely your lungs disperse the accumulated carbon monoxide and feel lighter, and suck in air better.

Take a break to feel inspired. It is proved time and again thatvisiting interesting places inspires people and helps them bring back the lost zest. Dormant and stagnant surrounding makes anybody bored and dull; a good sunlight is guaranteed to cheer you by pumping some good endorphins into your body.

Reconnect with the outside world and heighten your senses. Enjoy some good beverages, good food. Stale, cold food, cigarette smoke, air-conditioned stuffy rooms, computer screens, and other pollution sickens and affects our sense of taste and smell. When you go for a long distance outing you relish some good food of the land which evokes your taste buds.

Break4Lower stress levels and peace of mind quiets the stressful mind. A good holiday is essential in helping you catch up on lost sleep. Perhaps the deafening city roads with congested traffic, ugly office politics, demanding bosses and demanding home work, nasty colleagues and neighbourhood only raises unwanted cholesterol and triglycerides in body. So it’s time to chill out.  By doing so, please your spouse, your parents, in-laws and kids. Be happy and spend some quality time together.

Break5A study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan found that taking a walk among trees and nature, as opposed to an urban environment does improve your short-term memory by twenty 20 percent. According to the researchers of this study, nature is filled with intriguing stimuli, which modestly grabs attention allowing most of suppressed interests and talents to come on the surface.

How long was it when you saw the hues and shades of yellow, green, blue, sea green, brown and pink of the nature? The early morning sky, the green sea, the pinkish dusk, the greyish nightfall, the fragrance of flowers, the green hills – I mean the abundance of Mother Nature. The sheer range of colour, tone and shapes in Wild Flowers is breathtaking. The revolting city skylines, the polluted air, the dull street lights, the crowded transportation, the bumpy road, the faded building facades slow down our zeal and enthusiasm. Do you know this dullness goes into our brain cells? It   reduces our body and mind’s efficiency. We therefore, need stimulants to ensure our productivity, our innovativeness, and our peace of mind.

Put your routine life on hold for some time. Reinvent your original self, stir up the romance in your life, feel fresh, look good, feel youthful take – that deserving holiday. Take a break!



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  1. Very beautiful article & I completely agree with the healing power of mother nature. We are human not machines we do need to rest , we cannot take our health for granted otherwise we have to pay the price very dearly later on . Time spent with family helps in improving ties with our kins. Thank you for highlighting this aspect of life as today the mankind is running from pillar to post in shaping up their career .Sad but true ..no time for holiday no time for party leads us with bitter relations whose prick we realise when we loose the time to mend them. thank you once again

  2. Beautiful Article !! “Take a break”
    I endorse all the thoughts expressed in this article. Thank you Mam for such a informative and motivating topic. Health benefits of taking break well explained in the article. Each one must read .
    Yes, monotonous stressed life reduces our body and mind’s efficiency. A break is necessary to stay alive and feel inspired. Spending time in Nature’s company rejuvenates you. We look fresh glowing and young, which results in better performance and our energy level. Moving away from daily chores relaxes our tired and fatigue body. Freshen our mind and makes us feel young.
    Visiting various places, knowing the geographical conditions , historical significance , life style of people there enriches our knowledge too. And I think if we visit places with our family and friends it does improve our personal bonding and mutual understanding.
    A healthy lifestyle is always a boon