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Lively Doodles by Google

This is an image of the first ever Google Doodle celebrating Burning Man festival, which was used on August 30, 1998. A doodle is a...

Organizations should not ignore workplace compatibility

Compatibility is a state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without hitches or conflict. In today’s computerized world we...

Marketing in digital era

Marketing in digital era In today’s complex marketing world, defining digital marketing is a bit difficult. On the contrary I will put it like this...

Harmonising the Product Line

Harmonising the Product Line A group of closely related products constitutes a Product Line. Managing supple product lines involves more than just complementing resources...

What Great Brands Do

What Great Brands Do?  We have become so busy in our personal, professional and social lives that we have stopped looking at communication sent to...

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