Ancient Indian texts have documented information about ragas (musical notes) in context of how ragas are associated with emotions. Each raga is formed on the basis of a planned combination of notes used to create a particular mood. Music composers use particular ragas to invoke certain feelings in their songs. When meaningful lyrics get composed on suitable tune based on the fitting raga, we get good songs.

Bhimpalasi is a soft, emotional and passionate raga. The suitable timing to sing this raga is dusk 4 to 6 pm; it’s a late afternoon raga sung till sunset. It evokes a feeling of deep-rooted love and yearning for the lover. Usually it is sung in the late-afternoons when the harshness of the sun rays recedes. The cool breeze brings a serene and soothing effect to our mind and emotions. Bhimpalasi is close to few more ragas, but the nearest to it is Carnatic music raga called Abheri. When you hear songs in Bhimpalasi they are difficult to be forgotten.

In my interview with few musical scholars and Internet search, I could not find any distinct reason as to why its name is Bhimpalasi.

Listen to some immortal songs in this raga:

  1. Aa nile gagantale pyar hum Karen:
    Movie: Badshah (1954)
    Singers: Lata Mangeshkar & Hemant Kumar,
    Lyricist: Hasrat Jaipuri, Music Director: Shankar-Jaikishan


  1. Maine chand aur sitaron ki tamanna kit hi:
    Movie: Chandrakanta (1956)
    Singer: Mhammed Rafi
    Lyricist: Sahir Ludhiyanvi, Music Director: Datta Naik


  1. Khoya khoya chand:
    Movie: Kala Bazar (1960)
    Singer: Mohammad Rafi
    Lyricist: Shailendra, Music Director: S.D. Burman

  1. Naino me badra chaye:
    Movie: Mera Saya (1966)
    Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
    Lyricist: Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, Music Director: Madan Mohan


  1. Kuch Dil ne kaha:
    Movie: Aupama (1966)
    Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
    Lyricist: Kaifi Azami, Music Director: Hemant Kumar
  1. Hawaon pe likh do hawaon ke naam:
    Movie: Do duni char (1968)
    Singer: Kishor Kumar
    Lyricist: Gulzar, Music Director: Hemant Kumar


  1. Khilate hai gul yahan:
    Movie: Sharmilee (1971)
    Singer: Kishor Kumar
    Lyricist: Neeraj, Music Director: S.D.Burman


  1. Tu mile dil khile:
    Movie: Criminal (1994)
    Singers: Kumar Sanu & Alka Yagnik
    Lyricist: Indeevar, Music Director: M.M.Kareem


    1. Tu cheez badi hai mast mast:
      Movie: Mohra (1994)
      Singers: Kavita Krishnamurthy & Udit Narayan
      Lyricist: Anand Bakshi, Music Director: Viju Shah

  1. Radha kaise na jale:
    Movie: Lagan (2001)
    Singers: Asha Bhosale & Udit Narayan
    Lyricist: Javed Akhtar, Music Director: A.R.Rehman



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