Salt n pepper looks glamourous 


I don’t know why majority people feel that getting older is a big deal. I feel, aging gracefully is an art, scientifically every living being starts growing older someday. Some people start looking better as they grow older: they look contented, buoyant and mature. Men and women who carry their age tag gracefully are welcome everywhere. I have seen people who enjoy each second of aging. As, women start getting older, the age starts showing on their neck and hands though age on face can be hidden for few years. Men can easily hide their age for few more years compared to women.

Our society does not talk positive about aging; it talks everything negative about getting older. About loneliness, about illness, about losing financial independence each facet is painted negatively with melodrama. But, if you open your eyes and look around, people in their sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties also lead a happy life by keeping themselves busy, peppier and creative. Of course, aging gracefully isn’t easy always, but attitude matters a lot say a lot of researchers. In human life cycle, maturity and decline cannot be deleted. There’s nothing one can do; the clock will keep ticking. Age is just a number.

Accepting to age gracefully begins when people learn to embrace their age; well, they can still strive to look and feel their best. Some great personalities in society are role models; they have aged with grace which encourages future generations about the many possibilities of life after 50 or 60. They say, life begins at 50/60/70 when individuals start a new career or business, travel, adventure, continue a hobby, meeting up friends, widening social circle, meditation and spirituality….oh there are so many things to do. Empowering one is a lovely signs of graceful aging. A person can definitely age with dignity. I think, one needs to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits at early age, at the right time: plenty of rest and good water intake, healthy diet, regular exercise etc. But, the fact is one needs to understand the deeper meaning of aging gracefully. Graceful aging means being practical. Acceptance is at the core of healthy aging. Setting realistic goals is a top priority, else a person starts lacking the confidence. It’s important to stay focused on the present, be true to the person you are today. Live in the moment.  Worrying about the future or imagining circumstances negatively causes the uncalled stress and anxiety. Have gratitude for all that you have in life. Remain grateful for this day, live each moment in the best manner. All too often, we contribute in negative self-talk that results in a feeling of shortage. Focus on forgiving, accepting and loving yourself. Kindle the little child in you.

Most importantly, accept the ‘salt n pepper’ colour of hair. Stop dying your hair. Most men and women with salt-n-pepper hair look great, they spontaneously prove that they enjoy being older! Irrespective of the length or the style people with shades of gray and black hair can adapt, blend and have a lifestyle of their own. They care a damn for what people think about their age. Realistic age gives an authentic look to a person.

It’s time to live life that resounds with your inner being. When you discover your authentic self, material things automatically lose their value and people see the real you. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “While we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside us.” Let your inner beauty shine.


Learn to laugh, let go of those petty things. Drop your inner and outer baggage. Get creative.  Enjoy meditation because meditation helps you to relax physically and mentally, putting aside the day’s worries and enjoying in the moment. It also keeps you spiritually centered and connected throughout the day. Find your passion. Our busy lives keep us from pursuing our passions. I trust aging gracefully comes from your inner being. Be healthy. Try as much as possible to stay fit. Good health guarantees natural beauty. Build on your relationship. Invest in healthy, truthful relations in life. You cannot lead a lonely life in vacuum. Have a healthy social life. Finally, when we are mindful of the blessings in our lives, we invite more of the same.



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