Rimzim gire sawan……


It is raining since last few days, and I enjoy rains.  The only way to enjoy rains in to step outside and get drenched in rains! Don’t wear a raincoat or don’t take an umbrella, just go out there and enjoy the rains. Splash around the water as you walk; feel the rain drops, try to hold them in your hands. Rains indeed have the magic of transforming our moods. Look around yourself; see the colors of new flowers, fresh green leaves. So many hues of greens, reds, yellows observe them; they are simply amazing. The rains clean the world around us; specially the roads and lampposts.  I love the fragrance of earth and the rainy flowers. The markets are full of lush green vegetables. And, the aroma of tea and coffee at various tea stalls on the roads – oh if you want to appreciate all this you have to venture out!!  It’s not a great idea of sitting indoor and watching the falling rain.

A328Take a long walk to nearby park or go to a market. Being outside for a while and moving helps makes you feel like you did something useful with your day. Catch up with a friend – take your friend also along. Enjoy some good rainy songs.

With the arrival of the rains, the scorching heat starts vanishing. The dry, arid look of the cities turns intoA329 shades of green. The Mumbai monsoon rains are like a much-anticipated guest – the first few days are magical. But, the charm soon fades when local trains run slow due to clogged water on tracks, roads clogged with slush and brown muddy water and clothes that never dry. From ages, Bollywood has used the magic of monsoon to the fullest. Countless movies have used the rain in a variety of shades. Rains depict romance, thrill, ecstasy and joy. It has the magic to kindle the flame of intense feelings.

A330I love this song from Manzil (1979) Lata’s version of “Rimzim gire sawan” more than the Kishore’s. Music is composed by the genius R.D.Burman. This song has great magic in it. Both lyrics and music are superb! The song is filmed on Moushami Chatterjee and Amitabh Bachchan in Marine Drive, Churchgate and Colaba in Mumbai. Mumbai then was much pleasant than today.

Besides being melodious this version is more expressive; a woman’s idea of romance is very well portrayed in the song. Women are more prone to talk about what they are thinking and feeling, and they reveal how they are feeling with their smile, facial expressions, hand gestures, and body language. Moushami has done it all in this song. It’s happier and peppier.  It’s a delight to both eyes and ears. The song says it all. Both Moushami and Amitabh seem to enjoy walking in rains, they look cheerful and comfy and sung in each other’s company.

A331Though Amitabh and Maushami don’t make a great couple; but, because of the captivating song they both look good on the screen. Amitabh walks at faster pace and Maushami literally runs to keep pace with him in some shots. However, it seems, both enjoyed getting soaked in rains. I can hear and watch this song any number of times.  It’s a hummable and lingering song.

Lata’s version is soothing and gentler with the sporadic alaaps and mild variations than Kishore’s version. She sings the first line of the antara, “pehle bhi yun to” a bit differently than Kishore’s mehfil mein kaise.” The song is written by lyricist Yogesh. 

Hear it to enjoy it!



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  1. I dont know what is the connection between me and rains but i eagerly wait for them.Everything appears so fresh calm and vibrant as though God has provided them with a touch up after being covered with layers of pollutants,dust etc.everything that is a part of mother nature smiles at us with a marvellous charm which requires one to feel.just a drive along the outskirts of mumbai makes one feel that they have reached a new haven where the beauty of mother nature is preserved.I was born in the 80s hence i dont know the song mentioned but after going through the article i want to definitely see it once.

  2. emotional touched such I love hindi music so enjoy this article and this article had recollected me to one of my favourite song and actress moushami chatterjee with jumping jack actor jithendre “megha re megha re mat pardesh ja re aaj tu …. singer suresh wadkar, moushami means mausam suits on her