Phaili hui hai sapano ki bahen……

downloadPhaili hui hai sapano ki baha aaja chalde kahi door…… my dreams have no boundaries, with open arms they can reach the sky, the mountains, the soaring high tree tops. This celestial song is from the 1955 film “House No. 44.” The song takes you for a quick look of the world over the rainbow. The lyrics are one of the finest of Sahir Ludhiyanvi. His style of emoting love in the surroundings of nature was simply awesome. The song shows Kalpana Kartik – the heroine of the film swinging and dancing around tall and picturesque trees surrounded with mist …..The scene is breathtaking. Every single line of the song is inspirational and stirring.

The music composed by SD Burman and song sung by Lata Mangeshkar; Burmanda has composed some of the gems for Lata Mangeshkar which were so unique. Their combination   established him as one of the greatest composers of the Golden Era regardless of whether he matched the commercial success of his peers or not. The song’s tone is identical to Bhoop Kalyan raga. Some refer Bhoop Kalyan as Shuddha Kalyan. The fact is that Shuddha Kalyan is used by very intelligent musicians as this raga is aesthetically challenging with melodic subtleties.

hqdefaultThe team of S.D – Sahir – Lata has together given unforgettable songs. I think only S.D.Burman could give classic touch to Sahir Ludhiyanvi’s lyrics. Zoola zalkata, dhire dhire hum zhoole, amabar toh kya hai taronke bhi lab choole! How blissful the song is! Sahir Ludhiyanvi could create magical songs and Burmanda could suitably compose those songs. The song is sublime one feels like swinging in mountains and trees….just like Kalpana Kartik does. Close your eyes and this song takes you on a beautiful trip. Lata has sung the song very evocatively.

It seems Burmanda was sort of restless man; he would hardly sit down with harmonium to compose his songs. He had said in some of his interviews that his best tunes came to him in a flash of brilliance, invariably when he would visit seashores on a long walk or drive. He had soul of a poet. He had a very definite idea of what a song would eventually look like on screen and he’d set it to music accordingly. Often, he would get upset at the way certain songs of his were picturized.  Even though SD Burman was 23 years senior to Lata Mangeshkar, their debut in Hindi films was almost simultaneous. It is said that Dada Burman was so pleased with Lata’s amazing rendition of this song that he rewarded her with one of his precious paans, a gesture that was considered to be SD Burman’s ultimate sign of appreciation.

Listen to this timeless song.



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  1. Lovely musical post! Enjoyed the information too! A wonderful reminder of the golden era!! Thanks ! Keep up this beautiful work!