How can we stop crime against women???


Crime against women has become a major topic to be dealt with all over world in recent years. And, the crime is on rise than ever before. Why do men behave so sickly? For ages we have believed that men are stronger than women biologically; and this notion has been used to portray never-ending inequality and the division of labour between men and women, as women having responsibility for children and the family and men being the economic providers. So women are expected to underplay their roles even if they are smarter and stronger.

Do you’ll realize that often it is difficult for a man to understand how a woman thinks? How she feels? How she evolves? Unless a man gets closely influenced by the women in his life, he really does not till end understand the fabric of womanhood. Women process things differently and in their own way. When women face challenges, they look for solutions within. They push the boundaries to find solutions. I think those men who see their mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, next door girls in stronger positions and characteristically gutsy do try to understand a woman’s state of mind.  The brain circuitry for emotional processing is different in men and women. A new research suggests men really don’t understand women’s emotions.

Men suppress women because of their own insecurity. Rapes happen because some men are unsure of themselves, they are afraid of being rejected or deserted by the woman and they need to feel in control of the woman and therefore they rape. Rapes also happen because they go unpunished. Many societies hush up rape incidents. Our society believes men when they deny having raped a girl/woman and women are not believed when they shout rape. It’s appalling but true that rapes happen because rapists are secretly admired by other men who’d like to be rapists but are afraid of getting caught. Rapes happen because of rampant sexual desire, sexual frustration and the urge of men to control women. Men have this deep sense of insecurity and they are just not ready to accept women who disturb the balance of power.

Men have always blamed women after raping her. Instead of holding the rapist responsible for the rape, the society blames the victim. In court, defense lawyers can also use myths to attempt to undermine the evidence of the rape survivor; this prevents justice to the victim. The rape survivors feel too ashamed or too guilty to report the rape or to share it with friends and family. The survivor ends up isolated and does not get the support she needs to recover from the distress of the rape. Studies estimate that only one in nine survivors report rape. This means that most rapists walk freely in the midst of us, unpunished and they become habitual rapists.

There is no sure description for a rapist: a rapist can come from any social class, caste, creed, age, education or environment. It is difficult to generalize who might or might not rape based on stereotypes. There is no hard and fast rule as to who can rape and who cannot.

Nicolas Groth has described different types of rapes: in Anger Rape the rapist wants to humiliate and hurt the victim. The rapist expresses his contempt for the victim through physical violence and irreverent language. For these rapists, sex is a weapon to tarnish and degrade the victim. In Power Rape, the rapist rapes to compensate for his basic feelings of inadequacy and tries to gain mastery, control, dominance, strength, intimidation, authority and capability. The intent of the power rapist is to assert his competency. In case Sadistic Rape, the rapist gets a sadistic pleasure to see the anguish of the victim. For this rapist, sexual excitement is associated with imposing pain to his victim. In gang rape, a gang of usually young men commit the crime cause for them sexual aggression is often a defining characteristic of manhood in the group and is significantly related to the wish to be held in high esteem.


It’s observed that few men blatantly ogle at women; treating them like sex objects, staring at their lips, chest, legs, and butts and obviously undressing them with their eyes. Famous Indian movie director and screen writer Sai Paranjpye had said in one of her interviews that man undresses a woman with his eyes. When he looks at an attractive woman he thinks how hot she might be and how much fun she could be in bed instead of listening to what she has to say during a friendly conversation, a business meeting, in a seminar or even when he barely knows her. Well, some men are good at camouflaging their intentions.


Rape culture thrives in passive acceptance of female getting degraded. We should at once stop blaming the victim. Stop hyper-masculinity in our communities. We should hammer the real problem: when an instance of sexual assault makes the news and the first questions the media asks are about the victim’s soberness, her clothes, or sexuality, we should all be prepared to hinge to ask, instead, what teachings the rapist has received over their lifetime about rape and about being a man. Instead of asking the rapist what victim was doing/wearing/saying when he raped her? The right question would be ‘what made him think this is tolerable?’ Sexual violence is an invasive problem that cannot be solved by analyzing an individual situation.

We should understand this seriously that masculinity does not mean violence, brutality,   aggression and hostility. And especially masculinity does not mean torturing women.  When would men understand that rape is not a normal or natural masculine urge?

It’s high time that we globalize awareness of rape. I think men should be educated about rape right from their schooling; they should be educated about it’s after effects and the legalities. Only a small percentage of rape education programs are designed specifically for men, approximately 8%. Some programs have confirmed success in changing men’s beliefs and attitudes regarding rape and some programs have also reduced men’s self-reported likelihood to rape. There is evidence to suggest that some prevention programs might reduce men’s actual sexual aggression. Socially, our notion about when a child becomes an adult is very contradictory or inconsistent. The age of ‘major’ and ‘minor’ is defined by the law; but, at personal levels we define and re-define whatever suits us.

We must stop the abuse of child marriage, teenage pregnancy and domestic violence. Is there really a sense that boys and men are fed before girls and women, so that if there’s not enough milk to go around in a family, it goes first to the boys. In poor families boys are educated first. These double standards have spoilt things more.

 To prevent the crime rate further speedier delivery of justice will serve as an effective solution. From 1953 to 2011, rape cases all over the country went up by 873 per cent, the only way left is to deal with the problem efficiently, expeditiously and in a specific time frame. To drive home a strong message that the judiciary will respond seriously against crimes. Women are not valorized and this is common in all societies. This senseless importance given to men spoils their mentality. Legal experts point out that the notion that women are less important is widespread and accepted norm; this notion needs to be eradicated from grass root levels. A large section of society still accepts that women are there to service men, that men are justified in hitting their wives and contempt them. We can tackle the problem of rape only when we globally decide to put up with the sham that men are powerful than women.



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  1. I liked your blog. I personally feel that this attitude of seeing woman as a weaker gender, object of sex etc starts from the homes. Children watch their fathers, other male members and also mothers and female members. in India we all talk very highly of our culture, our traditions, worshipping gods and goddesses and so on…. Unfortunately very rarely we see the male members SIMPLY RESPECTING the female members in their own homes and society. And this has been percolated,not only in India but all over the world. This too can change if both the parents and family members make deliberate attempts to teach their children to respect other human being for waht

  2. I liked your post. Very thought-provoking. I personally feel that this attitude of seeing woman as a weaker gender, object of sex etc starts from the homes. Children watch their fathers, other male members and also mothers and female members. in India we all talk very highly of our culture, our traditions, worshipping gods and goddesses and so on…. Unfortunately very rarely we see the male members SIMPLY RESPECTING the female members in their own homes and society. And this has been percolated,not only in India but all over the world. This too can change if both the parents and family members make deliberate attempts to teach their children to respect other human being for what she or he is! Women too must have a very high opinion about herself!!

  3. Need of the hour. Its high time women are free from perverts , cowards who fear rejection.Women or the fairer sex or the weaker sex are par to men be in intellect, solely taking care of the family,reaching the moon, ruling the country, living in spaceand on &on.Its high time we women come together and punish these so called men driven society.Thank u Madam

  4. hats off to u mam for writing on such a burning topic it is time society takes notice of lumpen elements musquasrading the society as macho men who in order to hide their mental imbalance take recourse to such heinous crimes. in fact it is the bad samskaras which are inculcuted into their mind that some men even think and do rape forgetting that woman in a socity represents their mother, sister and is time to change the mindset of women who should never deem themselves to be least inferior to men

  5. Need of the hour article madam we Indian or the whole world talk about women empowerment, all of us we should come together and fight against just evil things and try to remove out completely from the society such type of crimes. hats off to you i totally agree to farahdiba khan statement really this is one of the burning topic. yes mens are more strong than women so please be like Mahatma ji nelson madella, Abraham Lincoln martin luther kings Shivaji, etc

  6. cntd like Shivaji Maharaj Mahatma jyoutirao phule a visionary man jhamshedji tata be like them so not only our nation but the whole world wants people , very reformative article and really madam you are doing a noble peace of work.