Creative inertia

Creative1Whatever careers we are in, and at whatever position, it takes a lot of our energy, liveliness and effort and attention to get really good at our craft. The fact is we all get 24 hours of a day. In those 24 hours we try to fit in so many activities; our job, our kids, exercising, cooking, meeting up friends, guests, gardening, car repair, visiting bank so on and forth. And, it is really appreciable that some people still find some time out of their power packed day to invest in their interest/ hobbies. So what people do to fulfill their desires – they squeeze time out in the gaps of activities of their exertion to work on their craft. People steal time to fulfill their desire; I think it’s just a matter of prioritizing work. People compromise on some of their work to get that little time to accomplish their craft. In this process lot of artists get so involved – their tendency to stay at work unless allowing an outside force to act upon them creates inertia.

Creative inertia is all about staying in motion; and inertia is the contrast of creativity. No sooner the artist settles in to a comfortable time gap, inertia sets in. Some creative people experience their creative juices draining away. The hardest part to get over the inertia is getting started on a task. Once you get into a rhythm and make significant progress, the inertia vanishes. Developing a regular habit helps to get started. Once a habit is established, there is very little inertia to overcome to finish a task.

All busy and creative people should remember that there is nothing such as perfect time and if they wait for this illusionary moment it will never come. There is nothing as the ‘right way of doing things;’ the details will work themselves out as you go along. The small, big and ugly mistakes that an artist commits help him/her to learn to do the right thing. In between the time taken to complete a task, the artist might hate his work. You know many times some artists have mentioned that they start disliking their work, well, this not awful. It’s healthy, as far as the artists never give up its ok to feel that way.

Creative2Getting really good takes years; if you want to get really good as something, expect to spend a lot of time doing it. Sometimes you might love what you are doing, and sometimes the other way. You are probably better than you think. If you are not, you are ought to learn from the process and you will improve. Most people won’t even notice if you fail, and if they do they won’t care. If anyone laughs at your failure, you can ignore them, they are irrelevant creatures anyway. Don’t give up – keep pulling on! It gets easier.



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  1. Creative inertia…exists in all phases of life…because humans like to dwell in their comfort zone…unless & until the momentum to do something different isn’t in high velocity we see people who like to continue with the inertia. for eg: government office. Creative inertia leads to stigma which shouldn’t happen for an artist as it becomes really very very difficult to overcome. Thank you for out of the box idea Madam

  2. Amazing article madam “Creative intertia” nobody is perfect in this world all of us we do mistakes and learn, I truly agree with you each and every sentences of your articles that you need to give time, skills and energy you will be successful one day,madam its near about an year almost I am reading your blog almost of your articles i read it but today’s article is truly an inspirational and full of motivation, I rally thank you for the wonderful job you are doing it , enlighten one , I liked it