It’s a regular scene these days that a lot of people like watching cooking show on YouTube and TV Channels. The chefs on the channels are treated at par with celebrities. Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna, Kunal Kapur, Ranveer Brar, Ritu Dalmia, Anjum Anand, Ajay Chopra are big names and viewers feel close to them. I think one of the toughest things is to pull off from an ongoing program of cooking on TV channel or YouTube. The chefs and their backstage team make the cooking procedure look so easy and the products look yummy! Hats off to the camera team because they capture the ingredients, items, and the ambience of kitchen and make them look fresh and fabulous. Of course the chefs look very good. It is truly talent of the photographer to capture all the intrinsic details, make them look attractive which make a cooked item look so delicious. The fact that we the viewers cannot smell, feel, taste or touch the item, yet, they appeal to us realistically.

Picture of Rocky & Mayur show

Across the globe food industry is scaling heights. It is one of the industries which is growing each day, although the food industry is very vulnerable to innovation, quick changes and style it is the only one which has sustainability power. It requires hard work and consistency.  Indian food is in high demand on the world’s culinary map. Credit goes to many chefs, who have made Indian food well-known. Some of our talented and young and well groomed, stylish chefs have become stars in their own right. They are no less than our Bollywood stars. In addition to their kitchens, these brilliant chefs have dominated social media, and are in high demand in restaurants and parties.

One of the most important human activities is eating and drinking. The scripts on the cooking shows are well crafted which describe the goal of the program, the host’s viewpoint, the distinctive style of narration of the anchor and how a typical episode would be structured. The chefs play the lead role because of their unique style of presentation.

It won’t be wrong to mention that cooking shows have literally become obsession with many viewers. A good team can portray an eating experience on screen with an absolute delight! An average person spends more time watching, scrolling and reading about food on social media and television than cooking his/her daily meals. I know many diehard cooking enthusiasts who like try cooking a dish which they watch on various shows.

Chole Kulche by Ajay Chopra 

According to a British survey, seven in ten enjoy watching cooking programmes, in which  half have been inspired to try and cook something they’ve seen on screen. Cooking is an art which anyone can master with practice. But to master it, one needs to have patience and good imagination. Yes, cooking takes imagination, instinct and creativity to try out new dishes.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor needs a special mention for making Indian cuisine globally famous. The secret to Kapoor’s success is his ability to take an ordinary dish and give it the kind of twist that makes people wonder. He made the daily food items of breakfast, lunch and dinner famous in the globe. Similarly the late Tarla Dalal made Indian food famous in world.

Many people have an aversion for cooking; they think it is messy and tiring.  On the contrary, cooking is therapy, making meals helps to reduce stress; it can heal a broken heart, among other benefits. It can soothe clanked nerves, and cure boredom, insomnia and anxiety. Cooking is a great therapy.

“There is no sincere love than love of food” this quote says it all! The most beautiful thing in world is food. Eating is the most powerful motivation. Even if we cannot have the gorgeous dishes being cooked on-screen, just knowing that something like that exists makes us happy and this happiness is an addiction. We love watching the process, because the camera only shows the vital portions of cooking, the kitchen appears spick and span, and we don’t get to see the mess on screen. We see only perfection on screen. Sometimes, we hope to recreate it. We keep going to the same restaurant to eat the same food again and again, because the experience elevates our mood.

dig your teeth into healthy pakodas youtube Rocky & Mayur

Some of these world famous cooking shows have the best of TRPs: Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, The French Chef, Iron Chef America, Master Chef, Chopped, The kitchen, Food Network Star etc. Our Indian television food channels Living, Food, Food -Food have already become world famous.  There is a saying – you can win anyone’s heart with your cooking.

Like actors entertain us by playing various roles, chefs entertain us with the culinary skills on their shows. Cooking shows also educate us how to cook right, eat healthy, how many ways we can cook a particular thing and not get bored up of eating the same food but cooked in a different way. Eating is a never ending activity, we like variety, we like different spices, different aromas, different colors of foods. The most compelling part of this experience is the fact that any food and cooking show becomes popular with tons of positive comments on social media handlers, which goes on to reveal that the awareness of these shows is cheering and very well-liked among viewers in any part of world.



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