Awareness is the ability to directly know and perceive, to feel, or to be alert of events. More largely, awareness is the state or quality of being conscious of something. We are given one lifetime in which we can feel good, we enjoy, laugh or keep brooding about things. Love, hatred, jealousy, happiness are so elusive because our emotions are always in the loop of reason. Emotion is an adaptive response, it is part of the vital process of normal reasoning and decision-making.  The majority of us are so scared to accept our flaws and the package we are made of, that we spend almost a lifetime battling with them. Do you know, when we underestimate our strengths, we often get into relationships for the wrong reasons? We imagine that those relations will help us in reducing or overshadow our flaws. All those feeble relationships are painful.


One of the inspirational life coach whom I met recently is Dr. Pradeep Ullal. I felt wonderful and elevated mentally after talking to him for few minutes. This energetic and inspiring young man has excellent listening and communication skills and is compassionate too. Pradeep Ullal is the spiritual head of Kevala Foundation. He is one of the rare Himalayan yogis serving in urban world, and truly empowered to awaken the kundalini shakti through the transmition of shaktipat. Dr. Ullala is respected as a Super Gamma Master with ability to raise his brain frequency to 100 Hz and transmit bio-photonic energy transmissions of compassion. He also combines his rich experiences, gifts and techniques in path of Kundalini, Samaya Tantra, Nada, Laya, Kriya, Surya, Jnana and Raja Yoga to inspire, empower and awaken aspirants

The famous Kevala Foundation is situated in in the Chikmangaluru District in the state of Karnataka, located in the foothills of the Mullayangiri range. Chikmangaluru is famous for its serene climate and coffee estates. It’s a famous for its scenic beauty. At Kevala Celebration Centre one experiences celebrating life by discovering and experiencing the practice of yoga, veda, ayurveda, tantra, art, music, dance, meditation, healing and serving. Dr. Pradeep Ullal inspires audiences across the world through his high vibrancy workshops, shaktipat transmissions, discourses, satsangs and seminars.

The charismatic Guru, Dr Pradeep has initiated over 5000 aspirants from over 120 countries through his gamma waves transmissions. He is respected as a healer who effectively channelizes energy through intent, touch, sound, breath, light to sustain higher vibrancy and natural healing. His research on body work includes traditional yogic massages. At 48, his athletic abilities, childlike charm, enthusiasm, joyful and balanced living inspires people the moment they meet him. He is an expert at several disciplines like martial arts and passionate about art, culture, people, and research, he was awarded PhD from Washington International University for his thesis on ill-effects of sedentary lifestyle and ways to overcome it. He has coached thousands of people across the world on the path of self-realization. Dr. Pradeep Ullal conducts free workshops for rural poor and aims to reach out to many more through his charity trust.


In today’s complex, busy life we all struggle to understand our existence and its purpose.  We want to know who we are, what our life purpose is, we struggle to interpret behaviors of people around us. Self-awareness helps strengthening Emotional Intelligence; it is the most important factor in achieving success. Visit Kevala Foundation to explore who you are, elevate your self-awareness. Unblock yourself in the serene, calm greenery and relax. Guru Pradeep Ullal says that life has an eternal relationship with vibrations. We are all vibrations. Our life on earth is meant to be a celebration of coming together of many vibrations. Get guided by Guru Pradeep in your life’s progressive journey. Because, awareness is the pathway to true bliss. Celebration is our true nature. When the breath, body, mind, and soul are in immense harmony and connectedness, celebration happens automatically!



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