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Inge og Ole?s boligBED AND BREAKFAST (or B&B) is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast, but usually does not offer other meals. Since the 1980s, the meaning of the term has also extended to include accommodations that are also known as “self-catering” establishments. Classically, bed and breakfasts are private homes with fewer than 10 bedrooms available for commercial use.

BED AND BREAKFAST have come a long way; the term itself has been coined in the UK after World War II. At that time numerous foreigners needed a place to stay and local people had opened their homes and started serving breakfast to those overnight guests. Hence, a BED AND BREAKFAST is accommodation offered in someone’s private home. The proprietor may live on premises or nearby. Breakfast is usually homemade and sumptuous served in the dining room, the bedroom or at a patio in the private garden of the house. The majority of BED AND BREAKFAST offers a private bathroom. Privacy and sociability are equally available depending on the inclination of the guest.

BBBED AND BREAKFAST offers cozy, clean and comfortable surroundings to the guests; generally the rooms are set up just like a room in your own house. Every BED AND BREAKFAST setting is different. Some BED AND BREAKFAST have shared bathrooms, so if you don’t mind that, you may save some money to stay there.

A research conducted on BED AND BREAKFAST says that people who have stayed at BED AND BREAKFAST  have rarely regretted it. The hospitality they receive from their host is impeccable. Usually people who offer BED AND BREAKFAST service are warm and social and like to have people in their homes. They are more helpful to their guests and will go out of their way to accommodate the guest’s requirements. If you are planning a quiet vacation to relax and spend some time on the beach or a woods, find a BED AND BREAKFAST in the location and add charm to your holiday.

BCBesides a homely setup, BED AND BREAKFAST offers cool atmosphere, and personal pampering which cannot be compared to a hotel. Moreover, the BED AND BREAKFAST hosts are always a good source for detailed local knowledge and great help for planning a trip. Guests generally communicate directly with the owner which allows them to make prior planning for special requirements. It’s a sort of hybrid between a luxury hotel and a private home, embodying the best of both worlds.

Usually for BED AND BREAKFAST owners running the service is a secondary source of income or a primary occupation. Generally the owners themselves prepare the breakfast and clean the rooms, but some BED AND BREAKFAST hire staff for cleaning or cooking. A property which hires professional management is uncommon.

It is very difficult to put a strict label to BED AND BREAKFAST; they have some differentiation parameters. Location,BG architecture, interior decoration, facilities and services – all these features of a BED AND BREAKFAST vary in large amounts depending on location, standards, and people running the place. BED AND BREAKFAST are to be found in townhouses, country houses, farms, cottages, villas, lodges, country inns, historic homes, castles, cabins, carriage houses, boats, mansions, ranches, apartments, boats and everyday homes. The list can go on endlessly. But it is the variety that makes staying in BED AND BREAKFAST so exciting, romantic, and thrilling.

Travelers can come together with the host’s family members; I have one good experience to share; when we visited Goa iBDn Canacona few years back, the hosts were so kind that they included us in their family function – ring ceremony of their granddaughter.  The ceremony was very traditional and elaborative, three hours long which began with a puja. It was followed by dinner – typically Konkani style. Today, even after 7 years, we are in touch with the family (BED AND BREAKFAST owners) that’s the charm of BED AND BREAKFAST .

World over, BED AND BREAKFAST are run in different fashions. Registered Irish BED AND BREAKFAST is star rated but the majorities are not registered. Generally, BED AND BREAKFAST in Ireland are family owned & run with a small percentage being managed but still with the personal service expected in this sector. Owners/Hosts must live on premises. Breakfast can mean a cooked or continental style buffet.

In China expatriates have re-modeled traditional structures in quiet picturesque rural areas and opened a few rustic boutiqueBF hotels with minimum amenities. Most patrons are tourists but they are growing in popularity among the Chinese

In Cuba, which opened up to tourism in the 1990s after the financial support of the Soviet Union ended, a form of BED AND BREAKFAST  called ”casa particular” (private home) they are famous and will be seen outside the tourist homes.

In Hungary, BED AND BREAKFAST is very popular. Usually is a small family-run hotel, a friendly ambience and a pleasant atmosphere. It provides an affordable alternate for the hotels. In Hungarian the BED AND BREAKFAST  is called “Panzió” or “Szálló”.

BEIn India, the government is promoting the concept of BED AND BREAKFAST. The government is doing this to increase tourism; in 2010 Common Wealth Games especially BED AND BREAKFAST was given a boost, keeping in view the expected demand for hotels.  In India, BED AND BREAKFAST have been classified in 2 categories – Gold & Silver BED AND BREAKFAST . All BED AND BREAKFAST will be approved by the Ministry of Tourism who will then categorize it as Gold or Silver based upon the pre-defined criteria.

BED AND BREAKFAST business model is copied from the British. The British were the pioneers in this business. They are famous in southern province of Skania, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo etc.

The custom of opening one’s home to travelers dates back the earliest days of Colonial America. Lodging establishments were few and far between in the 18th century and, apart from a limited number of coaching inns, travelers relied on the kindness of strangers to provide a bed for the night. Hotels became more common with the advent of the railroad and later the automobile; most towns had at least one prominent hotel.

BHDuring the Great Depression, tourist homes provided an economic advantage to both the traveler and the host. Driving through town on US highways, travelers stopped at houses with signs reading Tourists or Guests welcome, indicating that travelers could rent a room for the night for approximately $2. The rooms brought needed income for the home owner and saved money of the traveler, representing an intermediate option between inexpensive camp or cabins and costly railway hotels. In 1950s and 60s the Motel was a fad, the motels had carved niche for themselves then. They are in present days called ‘economy limited serving hotels’.

Through the 1980s and 1990s, BED AND BREAKFAST s increased rapidly in numbers and evolved from home stay BED ANDBI BREAKFAST s with shared baths and a simple furnishings to beautifully renovated historic mansions with luxurious décor and amenities. Printed directories listed options in various cities. By the mid-1990s, the Internet made it more affordable for innkeepers to promote their properties worldwide; it provided on-line reservation software and allowed travelers to view detailed photos, videos, and reviews. BED AND BREAKFAST s are found in all states, in major cities and remote rural areas, occupying everything from modest cottages to opulent mansions.

Some advantages of BED AND BREAKFAST:

  • Breakfast is included: While this may seem obvious, it’s actually a wonderful amenity in terms of convenience and cost savings. BED AND BREAKFAST offer anything from a continental spread to a hot gourmet meal. As a special touch, some facilities will even serve this meal in your room.BL
  • Privacy and peace: BED AND BREAKFAST tend to be more exclusive with fewer guests. They don’t often cater to large families and are more popular among couples. If you’re looking for a place to spend a quiet weekend, a BED AND BREAKFAST may be your best option.
  • Personalized service: At a BED AND BREAKFAST, there are only a handful of guests. The hosts give you a much more personal experience. Typically, the gatekeeper is the owner and thus he makes sure that you have a great stay.
  • They are usually located in quite areas. Unlike hotels, BED AND BREAKFAST s are often found off the beaten path. This provides you with a great opportunity to see less traveled parts of the community that you would otherwise miss, it gives you chance to rewind. They are good place to meditate.
  • More secure. At a BED AND BREAKFAST, there are fewer people coming and going. With lesser guests, BED ANDBJ BREAKFAST owners tend to keep a much better eye on the hotel property than a typical hotel staff. In fact security is one of their priorities in service.
  • Taste the local flavor: BED AND BREAKFAST are usually established and run by locals, therefore, the local spirit, local custom and way of life is maintained. You are served local food, and can enjoy some local entertainment. BED AND BREAKFAST s tend to offer all those special extra touches that can make your stay pampering and luxurious. Comfortable bed linens and bathrobes, organic food, and locally roasted coffee and beverage, are only some of the many perks that may be offered. Some facilities even stock snacks and drink in the common areas and rooms in case you get hungry.
  • Enjoy extra activities. Many BED AND BREAKFAST offer additional recreational activities in their regular packages. Depending on the location, you may be able to enjoy biking, hiking, canoeing, golfing, or skiing, go get there.

So next time you plan an outing, do try the BED AND BREAKFAST facility.



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