Beat the blues



Don’t all of us experience occurrence of lull in our lives; for some or the other reasons, our life seems to come to a standstill for a span of time. We put off things that need to be done: may be a car registration, want to see a doctor for checking eye sight, have to return a friend’s books, and need to visit dentist, having to apply for a job which is attractive, something or the else. Suddenly, we lose things, we lose track of things and can’t always remember what day it is. We get stuck in sort of desolation.

I am sure it has happened to you some time – when you feel blank, drained – nothing seems to be happening. Yes, such times comeA52 to all of us. Why does it bother us? Going through a break in life does not necessarily mean life is come to an end. Even though it’s a bit scary when there is a pause in your otherwise hectic schedule of life. In this quiet period, you lose interest in things which otherwise you enjoy doing, you don’t want to meet up with your friends; you just want to be left alone.

 We feel dull and empty for various reasons; for some, because they feel that more could be done in job, profession, marriage, upbringing of children, in a relationship, have more money in bank, could buy a house/farm etc, etc, the list is unending. The fact is feeling full never happens to those who enjoy striving to get the best in life. Let me tell you, sometimes this lull period is good, because you know you can accomplish more or try harder. That’s what I feel anyways. I can’t always pinpoint exactly what’s missing, but I figure if I fight and try harder or put more effort into something I’ll figure it out, and every time I have bounced back.

A54Feeling a lull in life at some junctures is a good sign. It means change is on its way. When we see the trees are still, it’s the calm before the storm. This syndrome happens to all. I am not alone, you are not alone, he or she is not alone – it’s common. It has happened to Amitabh Bachchan, “Struggles and uncertainties, successes and disappointments, accusations and controversies, ill health and months in hospital, all such a vivid kaleidoscope of moments, events, images simply unbelievable and unimaginable” he writes on his blog. It happened to Rajesh Khanna, Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi, Raja Vkramditya, every one. So no matter how humiliated or pitiable you feel about your own situation, know that there are others out there experiencing the same emotion not necessarily at the same time, but some time before or after you. When your situation changes and you talk about it to someone, you will find everybody can relate to you. Perhaps you can’t immediately talk to them, but they are out there, and that’s all you need to know.

Another view point is – sometimes you need to be alone, not to be lonely, but to enjoy a little free time just being yourself and being just with yourself. In other words, the moments you feel lonely are the moments you may most need to be by yourself.  Yes, it’s beautiful, just being all by yourself. We need to respect this solitude, because when we’re alone we’re disconnected from commitments, we don’t need to put on a show, and we can hear our own thoughts and feel what our intuition is telling us.  And the truth is, throughout our life there will be times when the world gets real quiet and the only thing left is the beat of our own heart.

I think, such feelings and situations in life which put us down break our illusions, and hurt us allow us to begin to find the best path. A57 The realization of being lost is the first step to living the life you want.  The next step is, making the necessary changes, making strategies and implementing them which are not easy, which not so simple, which scared us sometimes, but these breaks help us make those (unimaginable) changes.  Stop regretting. Look at so many illustrious people’s lives – some of them have lost their positions, their money, their organizations, their loved ones, they have been cheated, so on and so forth. But, the best part of all is they have struggled and found all that they had lost. So remember that everyone suffers in life at some point.  Everyone feels lost sometimes.  And, the best part is we realize this in our lean period. Later, at some point in time, when you come out of the situation, grown after this bad experience; you realize that you have moved forward not backward.  You become stronger and wiser.  It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Can we run away from life? We will never find peace by avoiding realities in life; so instead of avoiding it, take every change and experience as a challenge for growth. It will give you what you want or it will teach you what the next step is.  The result of your struggle might be in different shape, size, or design. In sense you will not always receive what you imagined. Don’t run away from the situation, take it head on, and fight it out. You are the master, choose the attitude. Smile at those people who are spreading rumors about you, who are ridiculing your name. Trust me, when you are back in the form, the same people will want to associate with you – then you can make the choice.

A56Life is too short; it brings the good, the bad and the ugly in course of time. The biggest disillusionments in our lives are often the result of our misplaced expectations.  Letting go of needless expectations is your first step to happiness.  Be at peace with yourself, and you can deal with almost anything and grow beautifully!!!

I want to share this song with you all – it’s sung by Kishore Kumar, lyrics by Anand Bakshi, the words go like this: ‘Kal tak main akela tha, aaj zamaana saath hai, waqt waqt ki baat hai, waqt waqt ki baat hai’. 



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